Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How about a nice cup of warm sunshine?

What a perfect morning to want to get up and take some photos. I left for work a whole 10 minutes early so I could leisurely wander around enjoy this fantastic day. Tallinn was also clearly enjoying this beautiful day, he wanted to relax with a belly scratch. When I hit the right spot his eyes close, his breathing slows down and his leg starts to kick. It's like he goes into a trance. If I stop, he smacks his mouth in disapproval and then swats me with his paw. I don't think he was too happy though because I was preoccupied taking photos.
I just wish I could be outside on a day like this. It's perfect dog walking weather. And he knows it!
This guy is probably heading out to the floe edge, it's a perfect day to go out because it's warm and there is no wind.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Great pics and great new header! I actually saw it this time. :)

Julie said...

Stop teasing me with Tallinn photos! :p