Friday, May 23, 2008

All by myself.....don't wanna be all by myself.....ANYMORE

Well I guess I still have Nathan. Jen left a few days ago and the house has been pretty quiet. Even though we spent most of our time couch lounging, we did do a few things such as shooting at the gravel pit, shooting at the dump and shooting on the wii. We also spent a large amount of time coming up with different ways to get rid of some grease stains on Jen's Maui hoodie. None of them worked, so we ended up trying to grease up the whole shirt, like one giant grease stain. It kind of worked, until I ended up splashing new grease stains on to the shirt she was wearing.Even though we had a pretty ghetto week, we always say we would have fun doing anything.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Always Fresh

Always Fresh, Always Tim Hortons. Even if it did take 2 plane rides and 8 hours to get here. I ate two promptly and then felt sick.Jen (my sista' in law) arrived without any fog problems and we have been having a blast. I haven't been feeling too well so we have been spending a lot of time lounging on the couch and laughing about sisterly things.

Monday, May 05, 2008


It's been foggy, for about 6 days now. To many, fog is just part of the atmosphere of a rainy day. To a fly in community it means total and utter isolation. Planes just don't land when it's foggy, and if the planes don't land, nothing comes and nothing leaves. That means that last weeks food mail is 6 days late, and may arrive with this weeks food mail. This also means that last weeks food mail will be squishy and 50% unusable. And let me assure you my standard of fresh has dropped significantly living north. I will eat a red pepper, even if it's squishy.

Food Mail coming in wouldn't be an issue, but the stores as it is are running low, waiting for the next sealift in July. We just went 2 weeks without a single bag of chips in town, there are also only 3 kinds of pop to choose from now, coke, diet coke and pepsi. I know pop and chips shouldn't be of any culinary concern, but sometimes I just want a bag of chips. The stores will generally fly in fresh produce, but even with my lowered standards, it's less then desirable after spending a few weeks on the shelf. You know you have a problem when every time you see someone eating a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables on T.V. you cry a little. And watching Chef Gordan Ramsey is just INTOLERABLE, all those deliciouses things I can't have. If he says you have to use FRESH produce one more time, I might die. It's a box of Hamburger helper for us tonight. MMMmm Boxed dinner with freezer burnt ground beef. No vegetables.

The other major problem with FOG (Frustrating Obnoxious Gas) is that if you want to get out, your screwed, and if you want to get in, your screwed. My friend Christina just spent a nail biting couple of days trying to get out on her vacation. Every day she would wake up and wonder if today was the day. It wasn't. If it wasn't claustrophobic enough being stuck here, it totally messed up every other connecting flight. One day the plans were flying to Iqaluit, spending the night, flying to Ottawa, spending the night. She would supposedly make it home on the 3rd day. That of course all changed, when once again she was fogged in. By the way don't make reservations with Hotels in Iqaluit! You may think your are smart planning ahead, but as Christina found out, having to cancel a room reservation she made only hours before, that you CAN NOT cancel within 24 hours! She was going to have to pay FULL room charges whilst sleeping at home in her own bed. DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS, just show up. Save yourself some money. She ended up however, after many phone calls fixing the situation.

Christina finally made it out Saturday on a tiny passenger plane that snuck in, it must have fooled the fog machine for a couple of hours. However we are back to hard core fog again and my sister is supposed to be coming up next Monday and somebody gonna get hurt if this fog doesn't clear up! Also, oh ultimate universe, I would like my food mail, so if you could be so kind and blow this poopy fog away that would be great, thanks.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Puppy Love

Sometimes to get outside on a beautiful day, my friend Christina brings her 2 year old daughter down to see Tallinn. She calls him "Tally". We'll ask her "who are we going to see?" And she smiles and says "TALLY!"
Of course Tallinn is always happy to see her and usually ends up giving her a big wet one on her face. She just closes her eyes and scrunches up her face, then she laughs "Mommy, Tally Kunee!". Kunee (I'm spelling this phonetically so if you can, feel free to leave the correct spelling in my comments box), in Inuktitut means kiss. Tally loves to give a kunee, especially if your like me and leave a little something left over from dinner on your chin.