Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How about a nice cup of warm sunshine?

What a perfect morning to want to get up and take some photos. I left for work a whole 10 minutes early so I could leisurely wander around enjoy this fantastic day. Tallinn was also clearly enjoying this beautiful day, he wanted to relax with a belly scratch. When I hit the right spot his eyes close, his breathing slows down and his leg starts to kick. It's like he goes into a trance. If I stop, he smacks his mouth in disapproval and then swats me with his paw. I don't think he was too happy though because I was preoccupied taking photos.
I just wish I could be outside on a day like this. It's perfect dog walking weather. And he knows it!
This guy is probably heading out to the floe edge, it's a perfect day to go out because it's warm and there is no wind.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring, Now With MORE Blizzards!

Going to work today felt like I was walking on a treadmill. It it wasn't because I had to lift my legs clear a foot, like I was marching in a band just to make it through the newly fallen snow. I was walking a treadmill because it was so bright and blinding, I couldn't make out any definition in the snow. I knew I was heading towards work and it felt like I was moving, but I couldn't really be sure I was getting any closer to my destination. I felt like I was walking in one spot, it was frustrating, until I actually made it to work. Tallinn even enjoyed coming in from the snow for some indoor play time.

This is Tallinn's Baby, he brings it to bed with him and then carries it to the front door in the morning when I let him out. He is careful not to play too hard with this one. Usually a stuffy only lasts a matter of days before I find it shredded and the stuffing all over the living room and in my bed. This one, he loves.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The North Westies (Blog Awards)

If your looking for something to do, go over and check out all the wonderful blogs at Best NWT Blogs, then vote for your favourites. It's your duty to help them win prizes. They are all wonderful blogs, but some of my favourites are:

Just Below 63- by Rob & Tina
Lots of funny, heart warming stories about life in the north with their two sons. This Blog Rocks!

Reflections in the Snow-covered Hills - by Megan

Very witty commentary about current issues, including some very insightful posts on the seal hunt.

Inuvik Photos - by Phil
A photo a day of daily life in Inuvik.

Don't forget to check them all out, some good reading, especially if your procrastinating something, like the dishes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ravens in real life.

These two ravens were actually "arguing" outside our house, driving Tallinn nuts. Kind of like how we drive him nuts when Nathan and I bicker. He will even howl at us. Oh and if you are reading this Nathan, I am not trying to send you any subliminal messages. We both know the wrapper issue will continue to be an on going battle, and I except that. I'll take you as is. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You may wonder why I'm vacuuming my shirt...

Because Tallinn is going through his bi-annual shed.
Sometimes we even vacuum him, but today we used the brush that he so clearly dislikes. My carpet is going to be extra fibery for a little while until his coat thins down.
Just a while ago blogger Trudie From Life After AC wrote a post about dog fur socks. Where the pups sheddings are spun into yarn and then knit into a socks. She had socks made from such doggy yarn. Here is my attempt at dog socks, minus the knitting and spinning skills.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Snowmobiling With My Sweetheart

Just another spring day cruising around with my sweety.

Breaking new trail, as the Nathan flies. My back hurts today.
Smashing helmets together.

No, I'm not the Pink Power Ranger.

Boys will be, well CRAZY boys! This cliff may not look hard core, but let me assure you that it was at least a 90 degree cliff. And someone thought it would be a smart idea to drive up it.
Nathan from the top: HEY...HEY....DON'T COME UP HERE!!
Jen from the bottom: THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!
Nathan (after he came back down): Yeah, that wasn't a good idea.
Jen: Ye think? You almost gave me a heart attack!
Nathan: I started going and realized it was a bad idea and knew there was only one way to go, so I stepped on the gas and gave 'er.
Jen: That's it, I'm taking the lead from now on, you numb nut!

I think Nathan looks like a Yeti in that photo.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is my backyard...

And First Air & Canadian North fly over my house, twice a day, everyday, except Saturday and Sunday. And everyday, Twice a day, except Saturday and Sunday, it sounds like they are going to land in my kitchen. Tallinn howls, the dishes rattle, the plane zooms by. I don't mind however, because it's the glorious, sweet, sweet sound of fresh mail, making it's way home to me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitties VS Ravens

Dear Mr. Raven,

I admire your persistence and your stately manner. You are such a saucy fellow.

Your conduct today confuses me. Did you, with your undersized brain, truley believe that you could apprehend my precious kittens through the solid pane of glass?

I am displeased with your failed attempts to rob me and must implore you to cease this behavior. If ever you manage to break through the window, I will be waiting with a .22 and thus you will be nevermore.

Your truley,
Mrs. Crazy Cat Lady

Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Pimpin'

I cry a little inside everyday I can't wear my beautiful shoes outside, no heels, no flip flops, no cute runners. Although I absolutely love my green rubber boots and my black moon boots, sometimes I just want something beautiful on. A girl wants to be stylish even in this northern boon-dock. Then my wonderful husband came home with this beauty. Is it wrong that I think I might be in love? I know Tina thinks pink is hideous :) but LOOK, it's sparkley too! AND just like that, snowmobiling is HOT!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Me, My Own Brand

Here is my latest design, I can't wait to get a t-shirt with this one on it! Like I said, soon I will only be wearing my own brand.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunshine & Grandma Glasses

On second thought, not summer, but it sure was warm today. I was even outside wearing one of those fancy hats that doesn't cover my ears, I think they call them baseball caps. It's almost time to bust out the flip flops (I can hear Tina in the peanut gallery). Tomorrow it will only be -8C, I think I might go outside for a picnic.

O.K my sunglasses are freakishly senior citizen-ish, but they cover my whole eye like a goggle. And blaring sun and snow cover call for a practical shade. My sister-in-Law and I thought we were cool when we bought them at Walmart, but no one else seems to agree. I guess we are in a club by ourselves. The club for the only two cool people in the world! Cool people with protected eyes.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i hoodie

I found this company online and designed myself a super awesome hoodie. They did a pretty good job with the printing, but I found this company that does it cheaper. The only issue is that they are in the states. I hate paying duty, so I might just stick with the first company that is based in Montreal.
This hoodie has my name on the sleeve, I think from now ond I'm only going to wear clothing with my name on it. I'll be a walking commercial for myself. Don't pretend you don't think that's a fantastic idea!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Behind Bars

"Wait, I need to floss out the tuna between my teeth!"

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Polar Eating (*caution* Don't let yourself get offended!)

Let me start by saying that I am here to blog about northern living, so I don't need anyone getting offended (ALEKS!) by these photos (clearly not directed at my northern readers). It's time to learn about the birds and the bees, and guess what, most of us eat meat, this is how you get it. I know a lot of eco-friendly people are into eating locally, the Inuit people have been doing it right the whole time.

This bear was seen hanging around the outskirts of town a few days ago and a few hunters whisked out on snow machines to get it. Let me also remind everyone that there are only a certain amount of bears allowed to be shot a year, and this was all done properly, wild life officer in tow. The hunter that caught this one was only 17 and it was his first bear, his family was very proud. They brought the bear back and I was lucky enough to get to experiance this very natural, human, traditional, cultural act of preparing the bear.

You might remember that I tried Polar Bear back in October with Aleks and didn't like the flavor very much, it was very musty. But regardless it was a good experiance.

A bear is good eating in the north. When an animal is killed, whoever shot it shares the meat with friends, family and other community members. No questions asked, nothing expected in return. It's food and everyone deserves to eat. We all need to learn something from that.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Hamlet day (kind of like municipality day, does that exist?) here in Cape Dorset started with a parade around town and then the coolest thing ever (literally), an Igloo making contest. It's taken me 2 long years to finally get into an igloo, and today I got to pick from 5. At first I didn't think I was going to get my rather large figure through that tiny entrance, but the slippery snow aided in the approach. Almost like butter helping grease off a wedding ring. "Lunch Lady Doris, have you got any grease?". I slid right in. No problem.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bird Watching

I grew up a real girls girl. Not by any influence of my surroundings, in fact my dad never let me use the "but I 'm a girl" card to get out of any strenuous house work. Still I appreciate shopping, gossip and I don't like sports. Well not entirely. When Nathan came along, so did baseball. Some how I was involved in every Jays game that was on. I started out resisting, like most self respecting girly girls, BLAH BASEBALL! But Nathan had the patience to slowly explain the game's inner workings. Game by game, he slowly won me over. Not to the point where I jump up and down with excitement, but to a level where I can slightly tolerate it. It's a 3 HOUR game PEOPLE! I also much prefer seeing it live, where I can acceptably have a beer and yell at people.One way of copping with losing 3 hours of my life almost every day of the season was to find a favourite player, so I did. Reed Johnson you bat funny, your in. Then they cut him off the team this year, don't they realize that I need him so I can handle the dryness of the ballgame? How dare they! Now he is on another team and I need another shirt.

I can go on about how boring the game is, but really spending 3 hours with my favourite person Reed Johnson, I mean my husband can't be too bad. One thing I love is to see everyone wearing short sleeve t-shirts, hearing the birds chirp and seeing how green the field is. That way I know in some small corner of the world, it really is spring. There is also one field where you can hear trains going by the entire game, I like that a lot. It's the soundtrack to my hometown back south.

Word to you Nathan, apparently I am cheering for the Chicago Cubs now, you need to get me a new shirt.