Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring, Now With MORE Blizzards!

Going to work today felt like I was walking on a treadmill. It it wasn't because I had to lift my legs clear a foot, like I was marching in a band just to make it through the newly fallen snow. I was walking a treadmill because it was so bright and blinding, I couldn't make out any definition in the snow. I knew I was heading towards work and it felt like I was moving, but I couldn't really be sure I was getting any closer to my destination. I felt like I was walking in one spot, it was frustrating, until I actually made it to work. Tallinn even enjoyed coming in from the snow for some indoor play time.

This is Tallinn's Baby, he brings it to bed with him and then carries it to the front door in the morning when I let him out. He is careful not to play too hard with this one. Usually a stuffy only lasts a matter of days before I find it shredded and the stuffing all over the living room and in my bed. This one, he loves.


Kennie said...

Eee! I Love Tallinn's toy!! (I wonder if they come in the human variety). The Boy sure looks like he's having fun.

Julie said...

Is Tallinn going to bring that on his sleep over at auntie Julies?

Anonymous said...

My Jazzie baby had a beloved toy. She trusted us and would let us hold it. One night we had a jerk in the house, he tried yanking it out of her mouth and ripped it in half. Last time he was in our house.

jen said...

Kennie, I don't think the come in the human variety, but you can always just get the canine version. lol it even squeaks too!

Julie, I am not bringing it back with me, it's pretty slobbered, we'll have to buy him a new stuffy for the sleepover ;).

Deb, lol I can see you doing that, Tallinn has the best Nana, will protect his stuffies! :)

Jennith Peart said...

Mals are just so mallish. :D

Ours was lying feet up in the garden while I was gardening.