Sunday, April 06, 2008

Polar Eating (*caution* Don't let yourself get offended!)

Let me start by saying that I am here to blog about northern living, so I don't need anyone getting offended (ALEKS!) by these photos (clearly not directed at my northern readers). It's time to learn about the birds and the bees, and guess what, most of us eat meat, this is how you get it. I know a lot of eco-friendly people are into eating locally, the Inuit people have been doing it right the whole time.

This bear was seen hanging around the outskirts of town a few days ago and a few hunters whisked out on snow machines to get it. Let me also remind everyone that there are only a certain amount of bears allowed to be shot a year, and this was all done properly, wild life officer in tow. The hunter that caught this one was only 17 and it was his first bear, his family was very proud. They brought the bear back and I was lucky enough to get to experiance this very natural, human, traditional, cultural act of preparing the bear.

You might remember that I tried Polar Bear back in October with Aleks and didn't like the flavor very much, it was very musty. But regardless it was a good experiance.

A bear is good eating in the north. When an animal is killed, whoever shot it shares the meat with friends, family and other community members. No questions asked, nothing expected in return. It's food and everyone deserves to eat. We all need to learn something from that.


Trudie said...

You're a courageous woman to show your pictures like this and even more courageous in defending native ways. I'm all behind you and I hope miilions of other Canadians are - keep it up!

jen said...

Thanks Trudie! I think it's a very natural and normal part of life, it's sad most people don't know how their chicken got to them between the farm and the grocery store.

I think all the other nothern bloggers sticking up for the seal hunt is courageous, I would be too afraid of negative feedback on that one.

Way Way Up said...

A good post. I was thinking as I read it that its a bit sad that such things always have to be defended from attacks from people that as you say, have little clue as to how the chicken gets from the pen to the pot.

As for the seal psychos invading my blog...yeah I've gotten the odd nasty message and e-mail but heh, to be honest, I couldn't really care less what those morons think.

Lindsay Gee said...

It may be human and legal but is still so sad to see such a beautiful animal covered in blood. I don't like to see any of my food butchered. Well chickens don't really bug me but a polar bear is such a pretty creature. :(

jen said...

I am already defending it on facebook :(. I think things like these need to be posted. Why do people choose to ignore natural things in life? I am only going to except criticism from vegetarians from now on lol.

A pretty creature that would have no problem snatching babies from mothers arms and digesting them with their mighty system of Polar Bear organs.

The other day a polar bear ate a dog. Now what do you think of them? lol Cause I know you're a dog lover!

Lindsay Gee said...

No need for being overly defensive. I wasn't even attacking. I just think it's sad. No matter the circumstances it's a sad image. What is wrong with a bloody bear making me feel sad. I state no problem with how other people see it.
Ohhh and I saw my dog rip apart a baby bunny and that was sad. But I still thought it was also sad to see my dogs dead body.

Aleks said...

Why would I get offended, precisely? I don't have a fundamental problem with hunting, if its done within the law and the body is utilized.

If on the other hand you were, say, holding up the bloody decapitated bear's head and smiling like a jackal, I might be concerned for your public image, but that's about it.

Aida said...

i've not tried polar bear but who knows this fall might be able too. i hope they dont play

i agree you are brave with posting these pics. i find myself even not canadian trying to defend most things that are normal up north and even the seal hunt to fellow americans and some ppl from back home.