Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You ain't gettin' my numba, movin' on over to wordpress.

I really enjoyed blogger during the time I spent here. And frankly I will miss it a little, but I moved on over to Wordpress.

Come check me out here http://jentography.com

You see, when I tried to make another blog with this account, google showed up and told me that I had to put in my cell phone address so they could text me...you know to verify it was me. Except I have NO idea how that would actually verify "me", seeing as I have never previously entered in a cell phone number. And guess what google...you are so not getting my cell phone number. And as some people pointed out, what if I didn't have a cell phone, like many MANY of the folks up north?

I guess it turns out that blogger was concerned I wasn't me and trying to hijack this account with more blogs. Again I have no idea how the cell phone identification would have worked instead of just e-mailing my private e-mail address with some kind of verification. Whatever it's too late now. I had to check out wordpress and lets say I'm pretty impressed.

Goodbye forever Jen of Nuavut & Blogger, Hello spiffy new blog.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

For Northern Mommies

Did you know that cost-co has recently added their baby wipes to the list of things they are shipping for free? You can check it out here. If you haven't tried these wipes, you need to. They have done wonders for Ezri's bum and don't seem to irritate her the way others do. But more importantly all you northern mom's can get months worth of awesome wipes for $30 and free shipping. I'm just excited for you. It doesn't make a difference for me anymore obviously since cost-co is just a hop skip and jump away, but then again maybe I'll take advantage of it so I don't have to endure those irritating crowds and annoying line ups just to your receipt "checked over".