Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You ain't gettin' my numba, movin' on over to wordpress.

I really enjoyed blogger during the time I spent here. And frankly I will miss it a little, but I moved on over to Wordpress.

Come check me out here http://jentography.com

You see, when I tried to make another blog with this account, google showed up and told me that I had to put in my cell phone address so they could text me...you know to verify it was me. Except I have NO idea how that would actually verify "me", seeing as I have never previously entered in a cell phone number. And guess what google...you are so not getting my cell phone number. And as some people pointed out, what if I didn't have a cell phone, like many MANY of the folks up north?

I guess it turns out that blogger was concerned I wasn't me and trying to hijack this account with more blogs. Again I have no idea how the cell phone identification would have worked instead of just e-mailing my private e-mail address with some kind of verification. Whatever it's too late now. I had to check out wordpress and lets say I'm pretty impressed.

Goodbye forever Jen of Nuavut & Blogger, Hello spiffy new blog.


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