Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back again, back again, jiggidy jig

We've been back up north for just under a week and things have been very hectic as we had our entire sealift waiting inside the house ready to be unpacked. We also had to wait a few days for the rest of our luggage to show up because we had two excess pieces and nameless airline was apparently full of crap (in many ways). This is the time of year when everyone is moving up north. The airline rep even asked us if we were moving. I'm like sure with 4 suite cases, a gun and a pack & play, that's all we need to start a new life in the north. Little did she know that when we did move up we had TWENTY excess pieces! Plus some other junk we had sent up later. 4 pieces of luggage can barely fit my personal clothing, let alone Nathans.

Everyone on this day flying with nameless airline, was traveling with oversized luggage, so there was a massive line up that threatened tardiness. We have to stop by oversized because we travel with the dog and they have to swab the cage for all those explosives that Tallinn likes to carry around. My complaint, is it necessary for everyone traveling north to have to pack with Rubber Maid? Especially when your stuff is in a small container, why not save yourself the trouble of waiting in another line and shove that jazz into a suite case so the air line doesn't send you to the oversized line? I guess it's the only way northerners like to travel. I prefer personally to use a suite case, it gets the job done and I don't have to unravel 10 thousand metres of tape if I need in.

I guess waiting in an extra line doesn't matter anyways in future, because Nathan and I vow to show up at the airport 10 hours earlier when we start traveling with the baby. The whole idea of traveling with the dog, dog kennel, 4 suite cases, stroller, car seat, baby, carry-ons gives me a little seizure every time I think about it. Usually Nathan is dragging a cart, pushing one, and I have the dog and am also pushing a cart. How exactly do we add the baby to all that?

It's nice to be back home and even nicer we made it in one day. We must have hit the lottery this time, a lot of flights have recently been canceled because of fog. The weather here is fairly chilly, and it threatens to snow soon. I'm very happy I went ahead and bought myself a cost-co winter jacket that is belly friendly, I even wore it last night. Then I bent over and tore the zipper. I'm growing by the minute.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To keep her boyfriends at bay...

Here I am at 20 weeks, really starting to bust a gut. This is my sister in law's side by side, something appropriate for when my daughter starts dating. We went out to the my sister and brother in law's property out in the country and tried out the new beast. It packed quite a punch.
Did anyone ever saw the episode of L.A ink where a granddaughter tattooed her gun toting grandmother on her arm? I hope this picture inspires, maybe my grandchildren won't push me around at least.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Heat

I wasn't kidding when I said it was hot on our trip to the states. It was 45 degrees when we came out of the KC Royals ball game into the parking lot! I hope I never see a day like that again. The heat was clearly making the the half drunken ball game watchers irritated too because as we were leaving the parking lot, the guy in front of us cut off a rather large white truck that apparently wasn't a good idea. The lady driving in the truck took the insult like the other driver had just run over her first born. I have never seen a woman spit venom quite like that. The shirtless man that came out of the passengers door of the white truck to further tell off the other vehicle was also a novelty. He wasn't wearing any socks or shoes either. Perhaps this is how they roll in Tennessee? It was a true ball game experiance. The very next day a massive brawl broke out on the ball diamond amongst the same teams we had seen. I kept thinking it was the heat. If they only played baseball in Nunavut, no one would get so upset. Everyone could just chill out.
Fun activity while in the states, join a gun club. I know, I know this sounds really bad. But it was fun and no you can't buy any of the guns and bring them back to Canada. All we did was rent some from the club and use them to shoot that day. Here my mother and I are bonding over handguns. She shot most of the guns that day, even a few of the "holy Jesus, throw you off of your feet" guns and we are really proud of her.
I finally got my Mcdonalds and then I got some more.....and then more (not on the same day at least).

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's a girl...

Nathan wins the bet and gets full gloating rights for the rest of my life. She is already Daddy's little girl.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Belly Shot

It's just way too hot down here for a pregnant lady who normally lives in the north. We have experienced a few days of 30 plus degrees and I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel like I'm on fire. This is a shot of me somewhere in the middle of 17 weeks. The belly has started popping out, but I'm not feeling any flutterings of any kind yet. I still feel like I'm in that in between stage where someone will look at you and not automatically think your pregnant, but that you should probably stop eating all those cheeseburgers. I try to mentally send them signals telling them I'm pregnant, but really I think I am just a crazy person with body issues.