Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunny Tundra

*Photo has been edited for coolness value*

Holy Caribou, I WON some Nunies!

There is an angry blizzard outside and a very bored Malamute sitting at my feet tearing up every piece of cardboard within reach, but I'm over the moon today. Today I won an award. And I am sure you all know what I am talking about, unless you have been hiding under a snow drift somewhere.

The House & Other Arctic Musings held awards for best Nunavut Blog 2007 and I won! I also won best post for "Breaking News Cat Nip linked to Flying Reindeer". I would like to thank Norman for that one. However there were some other really awesome posts that were nominated as well and you can check them out here.

Congratulations to Jackie of A Journey Northwards, who won Best New Nunavut Blog 2007! My day just doesn't feel started unless I have checked her blog for a new post. :)

I would like to thank Kate Nova of Port Town Ghosts, for giving me the most amazing battle in the Best Blog Category. We duked it out all week for best blog, luckily the polls closed right when I was in the lead, but it really could have gone either way. And without getting to sappy, Kate's blog is amazing and again I just can't start my day without checking her blog for a new post. :)

Two other fantastic blogs that gave me a run for my votes are Way Way Up and Townie Bastard (who promises to blog only of curling and comic books if he lost, but don't worry I will still be reading ;) ).

But the ULTIMATE thanks goes to Clare of The House, who would have probably won Best Blog if he didn't exclude himself from the nominations. Thanks for giving me a chance :) And don't think I won't be trying to get to Arctic Bay to claim my prize of two free dinners! I'm already looking at plane tickets!

Thanks y'all, in the world of wide web and blogdum for voting for me or just coming to check out my blog. You give ears to my words and eyes to my pictures. Although lets all admit that even though I might have some pretty photos, I was probably not the best written on the list for best blog. I write real good.....:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Machines of the Snow

At the request of some of my southern readers JULIE & ALEKS, I am creating a new post as so they don't have to look at the gory details of the last post every time they load my page. Although I will have you know most of my northern readers were smackin' their lips and dreaming of caribou stew!

Nathan decided that it was about high time we kicked off our snowmobiling season. We wait longer then most because we are fairly unexperienced city born folk who can get slightly paranoid about falling through the ice. OK that's just me. Most of the quality speeding ground is actually on the ice and growing up in a place where the ice is never thick enough, it can be a little unnerving.

Nathan ended up getting his machine stuck (oh and ladies whose fault was that? Mine of course! Because I didn't want to follow his off trail directions). The machine got stuck in an area that I like to call CHOPPY HELL, where the sea meets land. This is an area where the ice breaks up and juts up into the air, caused by low & high tides. It's an obstacle course, but necessary to drive through if you want to move between land and sea. Anyways someone got their machine stuck and while digging it out my foot went into a slushy area and water flooded up around my boot. It took everything inside me to keep together. My brain said "this is normal, of course there is going to be some water here with the water coming in and out". My heart said "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!" Anyways we lived, but not without the man leading us in the wrong direction and finally the woman finding the way, getting us both home safely.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

You're in Caribou Flavour Country Now!

A few friends went out hunting yesterday and I asked if I could come take photos of their catch when they came back. I didn't go out hunting, as this is one experiance I don't mind missing while I live in the north. It's not that I don't eat or very much enjoy the meat, I am just not down with driving hours and hours out onto the land and then shooting up a bunch of cute furry mammals. I am not against the hunting part, but why do it when someone else will do it for you?
Their trip consisted of driving out onto the cold frozen land/sea for a few hours, coming across a heard, picking off a few caribou, cutting up the meat, and taking another few hours driving back to town. And of course if you get a bit hungry along the way, just shave off a bit to munch on for the trip back.
I guess the great thing about hunting in sub-zero temperatures is that the meat freezes right away. You can just put your catch right into the back your qamutiq (sled) and cover it with one of those classic blue tarps to make your journey home. Don't worry, the heads won't go to waste, one gentleman remarked that he really enjoyed eating the cheeks and the tongues are delicious. Here they are unloading the cut meat right into a storage shed, no need to have a freezer to put it in, just an unheated building. (photo below)Here is dinner, a few morsels taken from the larger selection stored in the shed. Some of the meat here was fried, but it is also popular here to just boil the meat. Or of course just eaten raw and frozen. (photo below)And of course the money shot. Look how brave your little girl is mom and dad. Oh and yes I am not wearing a scarf or hat, yes it was freaking cold. No I wasn't trying to be hardcore, just dumb and I did pay for it later, boy did my ears and cheeks burn. (photo below)

Friday, January 25, 2008

What's My Secret?

Sometimes I wear my PJamma's under my snow suit. If I am just going to the grocery store, no one will know because my snow pants hide my secret!

How Much is That Kitty in the Window?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Arctic Art

The Nunies, The Nunavut Blogging Awards!

I am very honored to be a nominee for Best Nunavut Blog 2007! A huge thanks to Clare of The House & Other Arctic Musings for creating and hosting the Nunies! Just to be nominated has made my day. The whole thing has been pretty exciting, from Clare getting into the News Paper about the awards to the actual nominations themselves. If any of you didn't know there was a story in last weeks Nunavut News about the Nunies. I have my copy!

Here are a few other Nominees, blogs that I read everyday, Townie Bastard, Port Town Ghosts, Way Way Up, Tales From The Arctic, A Journey Northwards and many more!!

Check it out, voting begins soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Mail

My beautiful espresso machine and my new under amour mask came in the mail finally.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Harriet' Jennifer's Hats

I live hat hair. I either have bed hair when I stay in the house, or hat hair when I leave the house. You just don't leave the house here with out a hat. Whats the point of styling your hair under these circumstances? Well I guess one way for me to keep my life slightly stylish and interesting is to own multiple hats. So as you might have guessed I have a few different hats and I don't plan on stopping more from joining my collection any time soon.

This photo session was my light therapy today. Only a few moments of standing in direct sunlight did wonders for my mood. Also I really need to stop spending so much time on my own. I might be loosing my sanity, as I have displayed by taking a photo of myself wearing every hat I own. But at least I am feeling happy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keep on the Sunny Side

The Sun is high enough now to shine into my house. It lasted for about 10 seconds, then some freak clouds moved in front. It was glorious.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nunavut Nonsense & Nothern Poetry Contest

I have finally decided that Norman and myself are not qualified to judge the excellent poetry submissions for the contest. They were all very expressive and wonderful! So I have come up with a solution. I have created a new blog site where EVERYONE can vote for their favourite poem! Please check out NUNAVUT NONSENSE and vote today! The winner will win a WICKED AWESOME NUNAVUT HAT!

I have created a blog for some of us bored Northerners and any other curious persons. It's a place where we can have photo contests, photo challenges, scavenger hunts, story contests, poetry contests or any other fun, creative ideas revolving life in the North. Don't worry Tina, this is for everyone, even though I called it Nunavut Nonsense, we need someone to represent NWT!! :)
If you have any ideas or comments, make sure to check out the site Nunavut Nonsense or get in touch here nunavutnonsense AT gmail DOT com!
I will be announcing the first Photo Challenge shortly. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snow Jumping

According to my brother the last few posts have been a little depressing. Here is us spending some good healthy time goofing off. It all started when Nathan bet he could jump higher then me, but I personally don't think he did. The dog apparently was joining in as well. Now I challenge you all to go out and do something meaningless today.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I saw the sun, and it opened up my eyes

Nathan took me out the park today becuase you could get a full on view of the sun! All 20 seconds of it didn't seem to do much for my sorry pale skin.
And here is a photo I thought you would all enjoy. I stepped out of the car to take some shots and came back a crusty lady with white hair. I even got a frost mustache...well more like frost lipstache and frost under my eyes, man it's cold!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wake up and smell the sewage!

It has now been 14 hours with out water. I guess I wouldn't be complaining, because I can live without water, but there is one small problem. THE SEWAGE TRUCK CAME! And what does this mean? When the sewage truck comes, sometimes it gets overly ravenous and sucks every last drop of of sewage/gray water from our poop tank. This means all the remaining water that is essential for stopping smelly gases from leaking back into the house is gone. When the toilet is empty, no water sitting in the bowl, it creates a gapping entrance for poopy smells to offend my nose. When we do have water, it's as easy as flushing the toilet, turning on the tap and re-creating that smell barrier to fix the problem. But we don't have water.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a truck. I danced and clapped my hands together until Nathan informed me it was only the sewage truck. No washing my hands or brushing my teeth just yet. I wasn't too upset, and then I clued in! OH god, please don't let them suck the tank bone dry! I don't know if it is the experiance level of the sewage truck persons, but having the tank sucked dry only happens on occasion. Murphy's law, the tank was sucked dry. I remember hearing the last gurgle of water getting slurped from the toilet bowl and the thoughts running through my head, what solution could I come up with to prevent myself from the evil gases that lay below? By the way I like to describe the flavor of the evil gases as an intense rotten sour kraut, just for those of you wondering. It immediately came to mind my solution from the night before to water the pets, I ran outside and got some snow. I then proceeded to try and melt the snow in the microwave, but when I returned to the toilet it was too late. The gases had arrived. I ran from the bathroom dry heaving. Once I settled myself I continued my task of plugging up the toilet. I then ran through the house closing every drain I could think of, all but one. The washing machine. A renegade appliance that freely releases the under belly of gases, and I can do nothing about it.

The next problem I had to face was using the toilet, and we aren't talking about number one. I pick up the phone, "Nathan, is there water at the office?". Now essentially using the office as an outhouse, I got dressed and faced the -40C winds. How glorious it was, to finally wash my hands with soap and water (I do keep purel at home for when we do run out, but it's so much better to wash with soap and water). I then proceeded to return to my smelly house.

Jen's Solutions To Problems Nunavut Style:


Norman: What the hell is this?
Tallinn: Duh it's snow
Norman: Why the hell would I know what snow is?
Tallinn: If you lick it, it tastes like water...
Norman: Stupid Mammal!

Norman: Listen beo-atch, this mystery object is mine!

Norman: Hey this does taste like water, however it's too cold.
Hey Monkey, heat this up for me!

Jen: I feel like Norman is mocking me, I am going to give poor Tallinn a turn
Tallinn: Lick, lick, lick, tastes so good.

Nathan: Jen why don't you cut this up so it stops dripping all over the floor?
Jen: Because I was waiting for you to do it ....slave... I mean wonderful husband
Tallinn: Lick, lick, lick I am so great.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The No Years Resolution

I was never one for making resolutions for the new year and I am not about to start this year. And to protest all the those crazy resolutions I am having an anti-resolution day.

Get organized?
How about stay in my pjammas all day? Don't clean or pick up anything whatsoever. The water delivery by rumor has been limited. I have heard both the pipes from the lake have frozen and one of the trucks is down (*southerner explanation: no in ground piping, water and sewage delivered and picked up in trucks...not the same one). This means conserve water. I normally hate consciously thinking about conserving water, but worst of all running out of water. It will make a nut case of me yet. But not today! Today I will say too bad to the dishes and see ya later to the laundry. I guess I could vacuum...HA!

Loose weight?
Not by the bacon on your Chinny Chin Chin! I might regret this one come Hawaii. All those diet shows on tv are just making me feel hungry. In comes carbs, carbs and more carbs. I would like a salad, I really would, but because of the holiday season there has been no food mail and a serious green shortage at the stores. The few fresh items seemed to be ordered before Christmas due to the freighters not coming in over the holiday, and a lot of that stock is squishy now. It feels like those freighters are still not coming in, like it's been a whole Christmas week over here, unlike in the south when you have 2 days off and BAM you are back at work. I want some freakin' Bananas! Until that day comes it's going to be Lays, Licorice and Oreos!

Today will be the last day of holidays for a while, I can't wait for the planes to start flying and deliveries to start arriving! My brand new ORANGE espresso machine is on it's journey home to it's patiently waiting mommy. Tomorrow will be a landmark, we are breaking the 10am barrier here for sunrise, it will be up at a fresh 9:54. Facebook says it's 34 days until vacation. Things are looking better.

*** UPDATE****
I guess I spoke too soon....We Are OUT of Water! Nathan went to go jump in the shower and surprise SURPRISE! I wonder how much water you would save in the south living like we do up here, where every drop could be your last?

The Unfortunate Catastrophe with New Years Photography

The beginning of the evening started out great
Super at my house, but it was over by eight
Into my PJs and sprawled on the couch
I started to grumble and feel like a grouch
The clock was twelve and fireworks began
Threw on my house coat, to the window I ran
Grabbed my tripod, my camera, put the cat away
Because out an open window Norman would stray
Too much force from the wind blew the window open
Away from my hands, and now it is broken
The parade started on the ice, of snowmobiles in motion
To capture this moment forever I had no notion
Too dark, too windy, focus was my trouble
Hair in my eyes made my agitation double
This wasn't the last of my problems, I did learn
I came away from the window, my skin did burn
My hands and right ear frost bitten, sore and hot
In the end an essential lesson I was taught


HAPPY NEW YEARS Y'ALL, and if you plan on joining in on festivities wear the appropriate clothing for arctic temperatures, even if you are just standing at an open window.