Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy Caribou, I WON some Nunies!

There is an angry blizzard outside and a very bored Malamute sitting at my feet tearing up every piece of cardboard within reach, but I'm over the moon today. Today I won an award. And I am sure you all know what I am talking about, unless you have been hiding under a snow drift somewhere.

The House & Other Arctic Musings held awards for best Nunavut Blog 2007 and I won! I also won best post for "Breaking News Cat Nip linked to Flying Reindeer". I would like to thank Norman for that one. However there were some other really awesome posts that were nominated as well and you can check them out here.

Congratulations to Jackie of A Journey Northwards, who won Best New Nunavut Blog 2007! My day just doesn't feel started unless I have checked her blog for a new post. :)

I would like to thank Kate Nova of Port Town Ghosts, for giving me the most amazing battle in the Best Blog Category. We duked it out all week for best blog, luckily the polls closed right when I was in the lead, but it really could have gone either way. And without getting to sappy, Kate's blog is amazing and again I just can't start my day without checking her blog for a new post. :)

Two other fantastic blogs that gave me a run for my votes are Way Way Up and Townie Bastard (who promises to blog only of curling and comic books if he lost, but don't worry I will still be reading ;) ).

But the ULTIMATE thanks goes to Clare of The House, who would have probably won Best Blog if he didn't exclude himself from the nominations. Thanks for giving me a chance :) And don't think I won't be trying to get to Arctic Bay to claim my prize of two free dinners! I'm already looking at plane tickets!

Thanks y'all, in the world of wide web and blogdum for voting for me or just coming to check out my blog. You give ears to my words and eyes to my pictures. Although lets all admit that even though I might have some pretty photos, I was probably not the best written on the list for best blog. I write real good.....:)


Anonymous said...


-jennifer of nunablog

Indigo said...

digoyou and your "board" dog "write real good"..............your blog is always one I check almost daily to see what new antics you have devised to amuse yourself.

Congratulations all way round, you are most deserved of the TWO awards.

jen said...

lol indigo...I fixed the mistake REAL FAST ;)

Aleks said...

Don't forget **an angry blizzard.

Go ahead and fix that one **really fast. :-P

jen said...

Thanks everyone, as I pointed out I SUCK...we know this. Jen just didn't pay attention in English class, that's why I am photographer...DUH! lol

Way Way Up said...


Rob, the "Snow Beach Bunny" said...

Congrats Jen, well deserved!

nature roots said...

when is the treat>?

Julie said...

yay jen!! Although I do believe that the post " just for julie....." is truly the winner! lol :) im waiting for part 2!!