Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The No Years Resolution

I was never one for making resolutions for the new year and I am not about to start this year. And to protest all the those crazy resolutions I am having an anti-resolution day.

Get organized?
How about stay in my pjammas all day? Don't clean or pick up anything whatsoever. The water delivery by rumor has been limited. I have heard both the pipes from the lake have frozen and one of the trucks is down (*southerner explanation: no in ground piping, water and sewage delivered and picked up in trucks...not the same one). This means conserve water. I normally hate consciously thinking about conserving water, but worst of all running out of water. It will make a nut case of me yet. But not today! Today I will say too bad to the dishes and see ya later to the laundry. I guess I could vacuum...HA!

Loose weight?
Not by the bacon on your Chinny Chin Chin! I might regret this one come Hawaii. All those diet shows on tv are just making me feel hungry. In comes carbs, carbs and more carbs. I would like a salad, I really would, but because of the holiday season there has been no food mail and a serious green shortage at the stores. The few fresh items seemed to be ordered before Christmas due to the freighters not coming in over the holiday, and a lot of that stock is squishy now. It feels like those freighters are still not coming in, like it's been a whole Christmas week over here, unlike in the south when you have 2 days off and BAM you are back at work. I want some freakin' Bananas! Until that day comes it's going to be Lays, Licorice and Oreos!

Today will be the last day of holidays for a while, I can't wait for the planes to start flying and deliveries to start arriving! My brand new ORANGE espresso machine is on it's journey home to it's patiently waiting mommy. Tomorrow will be a landmark, we are breaking the 10am barrier here for sunrise, it will be up at a fresh 9:54. Facebook says it's 34 days until vacation. Things are looking better.

*** UPDATE****
I guess I spoke too soon....We Are OUT of Water! Nathan went to go jump in the shower and surprise SURPRISE! I wonder how much water you would save in the south living like we do up here, where every drop could be your last?


Jackie S said...


*espresso/cappuccino cheers!

Kennie said...

I feel your pain Jen. I called for water two days ago hoping to avoid the running out on New Years (as our trucks aren't running today) and lo and behold ... no water! Thankfully (or maybe just because he knew I would make his life hell) I was able to fill a couple of jugs up with water for coffee from my neighbour. Got to love living in the North eh?

Jen said...

HAHAHA GOD love us coffee drinkers....
I pre-filled my coffee maker tonight to make sure Nathan wouldn't waste the remaining Britta water on something stupid like drinking water...sha...gotta have my coffee!

Rob & Tina said...

I fill up the coffee maker every night before bed just in case. But, knock on wood we have never ran out of water. An expresso machine??? I have a birthday in 5 days, maybe I should start dropping the hint now! And leaving on vacation in 34 days? Do you have a stopover in YK at all?

Jen said...


We go through Iqaluit to get back to Ontario. Living on Baffin has been great as it's such a fast trip home. However I am DYING to go to Yellowknife, and you can bet if I ever get there and you are around I am coming out to visit! LOL

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