Friday, January 11, 2008

Nunavut Nonsense & Nothern Poetry Contest

I have finally decided that Norman and myself are not qualified to judge the excellent poetry submissions for the contest. They were all very expressive and wonderful! So I have come up with a solution. I have created a new blog site where EVERYONE can vote for their favourite poem! Please check out NUNAVUT NONSENSE and vote today! The winner will win a WICKED AWESOME NUNAVUT HAT!

I have created a blog for some of us bored Northerners and any other curious persons. It's a place where we can have photo contests, photo challenges, scavenger hunts, story contests, poetry contests or any other fun, creative ideas revolving life in the North. Don't worry Tina, this is for everyone, even though I called it Nunavut Nonsense, we need someone to represent NWT!! :)
If you have any ideas or comments, make sure to check out the site Nunavut Nonsense or get in touch here nunavutnonsense AT gmail DOT com!
I will be announcing the first Photo Challenge shortly. What are you waiting for?


Shelley said...

Hey Jen what a great idea. My poetry is along the lines of "roses are red.." so I won't be entering that one. However I would love to see what theme the photo contest will be. You have some great pics.

indigo said...

my name is pat.
Your name is pat.
we are just like a double cheeseburger.
I don't get it.
My name is Pat..............

Now, I do NOT eat McDonalds and I rarely watch TV but this commercial has me howling on the floor all the time and I love to use it when David does something I think is silly/stupid/useless/redundant/incomprehensible/unfathomable. David does not understand why I find this commercial so amusing!!!. Perhaps it is northern nonsense indeed.

Rob & Tina said...

WOO HOO! I'm representating NWT! I'll have to take a pic of myself wearing a Behchoko NWT touque! (yes they have them at the Northern). Boy I need to go to bed. :)

Kara and Matt said...

Great idea!!

Kate Nova said...

I think this is a super fun idea, thanks for hosting it.

Kate Nova said...

I was thinking, 'cuz you asked about recipes, maybe Nunavut Nonsense could host a VIRTUAL DINNER PARTY one day, and we'll all submit our fave north-friendly recipes (and maybe even finished product photos)to the blog-table to be compiled into a post.

jen said...


indigo said...

Love the recipe/dinner party idea. Here's a twist.

It is -40C whatever, a blizzard has been raging for four days, no planes are flying, you did not make a food order for a month, the Northern and Coop shelves are empty and in your cupboard you have.........selected items that we (mostly) have like canned soup/canned tomatoes/spices/pasta/dried fruits/cerea;s/frozen this and that/bags of this and that/outdated eggs/potatoes, etc, flour, yeats, yogurt starter, etc....................what's for the dinner party???

Just my thoughts.

Oh yes and thanks Jen for all the great ideas and your fabulous photos. You are a joy to us all. It gets just as dreary here in NWT as it did in Nunavut. Being on a road is NOT all it is cracked up to be. How about no booze at the virtual dinner party. If I smell ETOH on one more person's breath I will be in cells myself for something more explosive than outdated yogurt.