Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wake up and smell the sewage!

It has now been 14 hours with out water. I guess I wouldn't be complaining, because I can live without water, but there is one small problem. THE SEWAGE TRUCK CAME! And what does this mean? When the sewage truck comes, sometimes it gets overly ravenous and sucks every last drop of of sewage/gray water from our poop tank. This means all the remaining water that is essential for stopping smelly gases from leaking back into the house is gone. When the toilet is empty, no water sitting in the bowl, it creates a gapping entrance for poopy smells to offend my nose. When we do have water, it's as easy as flushing the toilet, turning on the tap and re-creating that smell barrier to fix the problem. But we don't have water.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a truck. I danced and clapped my hands together until Nathan informed me it was only the sewage truck. No washing my hands or brushing my teeth just yet. I wasn't too upset, and then I clued in! OH god, please don't let them suck the tank bone dry! I don't know if it is the experiance level of the sewage truck persons, but having the tank sucked dry only happens on occasion. Murphy's law, the tank was sucked dry. I remember hearing the last gurgle of water getting slurped from the toilet bowl and the thoughts running through my head, what solution could I come up with to prevent myself from the evil gases that lay below? By the way I like to describe the flavor of the evil gases as an intense rotten sour kraut, just for those of you wondering. It immediately came to mind my solution from the night before to water the pets, I ran outside and got some snow. I then proceeded to try and melt the snow in the microwave, but when I returned to the toilet it was too late. The gases had arrived. I ran from the bathroom dry heaving. Once I settled myself I continued my task of plugging up the toilet. I then ran through the house closing every drain I could think of, all but one. The washing machine. A renegade appliance that freely releases the under belly of gases, and I can do nothing about it.

The next problem I had to face was using the toilet, and we aren't talking about number one. I pick up the phone, "Nathan, is there water at the office?". Now essentially using the office as an outhouse, I got dressed and faced the -40C winds. How glorious it was, to finally wash my hands with soap and water (I do keep purel at home for when we do run out, but it's so much better to wash with soap and water). I then proceeded to return to my smelly house.


Kara and Matt said...

It only sucks you dry few and far between?? I wish!! They suck us bone dry every damn time. It was so bad when we were both working. We would come home to the house filling up with stink all day and the cats would by lying on the floor pretending they were dying (they are a little dramatic).

When we are missed on water days here we just drive around on the skidoo until we see the truck and ask them to come over. They are really nice and come right away then!

Kennie said...

Oh Jen, yet again, I feel for you. The sewage truck driver has been sucking my poop tank (as you put it) bone dry too the last couple of times. This time, I was ready when they arrived (As there was no way in hell I was gonna be putting up with the stink this time) and ran out doors (dressed in a hoodie, pair of flannel shorts and my moon boots) to tell them not to suck the tank completely dry this time.

And apparently, this can be fixed to quite easily! What was causing it to be sucked bone dry (according to the driver) was that our vent was most likely frozen, thus not creating the vacuum seal that was needed to avoid having the smell of the daemon unleashed inside. So far, no smell.

Kate Nova said...

That sounds awful. I live in an apartment normally and never have to deal with it, and even my house-sit is on utilidor (however that is spelled) and I don't have to worry about water/sewer. I feel for ya!

Rob & Tina said...

Kennie is right. We were having the same problem everytime they emptied the poop tank. Rob climbed up on the roof and the vent was blocked with snow. He cleaned that out and we haven't had a problem since. I would guess this is a common problem in the winter. Tell Nathan to grab a ladder and a friend to hold the ladder and climb up there. I bet it's blocked.

Julie said...

i+love+you= i love you


lissa said...

One more to sympathize with you- sure hope the water comes soon- there just is no air freshener on earth that covers that smell - is there? Just gives you the impression of a small bouquet of flowers floating in the sewage lagoon.
it'll come- grab a clothespin and plug your nose


Monica said...

I don't suppose stretching some cling film (Seran wrap?) over the porcelain part of the toilet bowl. Might help until you get some water in there. If you try it, let me know if it works.

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I had to laugh when I read this - the last couple weeks we have had the same problem, and this morning the sewer truck arrived before I woke up, so who knows how long it had been - so I got to wake up to the famous sewer smell. I don't think there is enough 'fresh air' in the north to get rid of that quick enough for me!!!

Bronx Drain Cleaning said...

Yikes! Hate sewer smell.

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