Monday, June 30, 2008

Guest Blogger : Sir Tally Bear Von Slimer

Well, my inferior monkey species, the tide has turned and now I'm the one telling the story. While my Mommy is feeling under the weather, we can discuss more important issues such as licking, sniffing, chewing, climbing, howling and cat chasing. All important topics, but today I am going to marvel you with tales of WALKING! Or rather EXTREME iceberg hurtling.
First I needed Mommy to take me out to the park, where under rather uncomfortably hot weather conditions (10 degrees), the ice was breaking up and melting. This created a play zone for me to run, dash, hide and jump along the breaking ice. It almost gave Mommy a heart attack, but I paid no attention to her human screamings and continued on erratic sniffing and running.

I stopped momentarily for a refreshing beverage, even though the monkey's were yelling something about it being salty and that I should stop, I continued on.
Yes, I am the King. Thank you for noticing, however sometimes I feel unappreciated for my super Malamute walking skills. The monkeys didn't even notice how high I climbed or how far I ran. Even though they kept yelling out some word, I believe it was "Tallinn" and then followed by "Get your puppy butt back here", I had no idea what they were eluding to because I only respond to "Your Highness" or "The King".
I can't believe she wore those glasses, how embarrassing. I really had to be forced into this photo. I would have much rather been sniffing something, possibly that mystery item I found on the beach and that my mommy caught me eating, but not in time.Life has been good recently, there has been lots of sunny days and a cool breeze. The ice is all gone and I can hear the ocean rushing up onto the beach. The monkeys are outside occasionally, but only when the weather is scorching. The other day they did the most distasteful thing and spent an hour brushing me. I was quite thrown off, but somehow everything seemed cooler and a little more tolerable once they took out all that extra hair. The monkey kept saying "it's like we took an entire dog out of you". Well that's just silly, stupid monkey, clearly I am only one dog.
Well I'm off to chase the cats and maybe sniff out the garbage can, sometimes they forget to put the lid back on and then I'm always in for a good treat.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures in Pregnancy

First of all I just want to thank all of you for your tips and congratulatory salutations!!

I know it's all worth it, and I'm so excited to be a mommy. I have a little onesie hanging up in the laundry room that my friend Christina gave me and I smile and get all tingly inside every time I pass it!!

That being said...this sucks!!! It's been a battle, maybe not a monstrous battle, I've heard some horror stories, but it's still been a battle. One I'm willing to fight, but... The hormones are doing awful things to me like growing my eyebrows so out of control I look like a caveman and giving me the worst acne I have ever had. This morning I woke up not feeling fantastic and ended up loosing breakfast number one. I then immediately felt better and started on breakfast number two, the unlucky lucky charms. Meanwhile Nathan came home for lunch and realized I hadn't put away the food mail yet and became irritated that he had to do it himself. He noticed I was on the couch, but unaware that the lucky charms had sent me to the dark place. All I could hear was the annoyed thumping of this feet as the groceries where randomly and without thought process shoved into the fridge. I promptly sat up and lost my lucky charms into a bowl beside the couch. I think a point was made here. After he made the obvious suggestion that I should visit the washroom, his mood changed. "Can I get you anything? It's ok you didn't put the food mail away. Would you like some of my lunch?" Apparently the man needs visual assistance to remember that I feel sick most of the time. I tend to say I'm tired a lot and Nathan always replies "why?"and then gives me a "well, that's not an excuse". He is either not sympathetic, I'm too sensitive, or needs to see a big belly before I'm deemed officially pregnant and thusly considered having hardship on my body.

I thought the day was lost until I remembered what my mom used to give me when I had an upset tummy, an iced cold Coca Cola. Caffeine must really be a wonder drug because within 10 minutes I went from the dark place to eating a delicious curry my friend brought over as some eating rations (thanks Naomi!). Apparently that was all I needed because I was back on track after that.

The other night Christina and I found the babe's heart beat with her Doppler. I had myself tried a few times without and luck, usually ending the session with clear Doppler goo everywhere. I decided it was much better if I got Christina to do it for me as I had no idea what I was doing. So off I went over to her place. She had me lay on the floor and she sat next to me scanning my belly for signs of life, while her 2 year old daughter played around us. Me laying on the floor was thrilling for her, as Christina put it "you're a sitting duck to her". She started playing with my hair and then my watch. Then she brought me blocks and put them in my hands. It was pretty funny, we had to take Doppler breaks because I would burst out laughing and horrible belly made noises would come from the Doppler speakers.

So tomorrow I must start my day off with some caffeine and a butter chicken. I'm off to see a lady about an amounti. I hear it's best to get fitted before the belly comes along. Here is a photo, the baby is the hunch back part .

Friday, June 13, 2008

An Explanation of sorts...

You may have wondered why I have recently been failing as a blogger, some of you already know. I have been sick and lazy for a while now, not feeling like blogging or even taking photos. There was a period where I probably spent 2 weeks straight on the couch. Why? Because I have a mini freeloader riding the Jen train, who we have been affectionately calling "The Babe".

Well I'm just one week off my second trimester and thought Friday the 13th was a nice day to announce it to everyone. The last weeks have been a ride, and I can't say it's been a good ride. There has been a crazy lack in energy and a steady nausea that has taken me off my feet. Things taste weird and smell even worse. I haven't touched a cup of coffee because I can't stand the smell, and the funny thing is that the aroma of coffee used to be one of my favourites. It's been a ride, starting from weirdness at the health centre to throwing up in the health centre parking lot. To waking up at all hours to pee to sleeping at all hours randomly. This tiny little creature that I know nothing about has completely taken over my body.

Living in the north has posed all sorts of issues, problems and concerns of a baby. Who knew something so small could be such a a life changing force. So the questions start to arise. Can Nathan be there for the birth? Can I get baby furniture in the mail? How many diapers do I need on the sealift? Diapers cost how MUCH? Should I use cloth diapers (I don't think so, as my brother put it, he does not want to spatula out the "pamps")?

Anyways more to come later. If there are any northern mommies that want to leave tips or links that would be fantastic! :) And so starts this new adventure, or at least I can blog about it now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Like it Hot, Some Like Snow in June (just not me!)

It's been snowing all June!
And some also like to roll around and eat snow...
There is just no escaping it!

Friday, June 06, 2008

That really puts a bee in my bonnet!!! My weather bonnet!!

My sister in law is down south swimming in her pool because it's "Oh, so hot", roughly 35 degrees. Ok, I get that I'm living in the arctic, BUT it's 9 degrees in Iqaluit!!!! So why am I getting snowed on? Hello, it's JUNE!! The forecast for me for the next few days, maybe if I am a really really good person, it will get up to a whole whopping 4 degrees on Sunday like it says. Honestly it doesn't matter how cold it is, I would just like a little sunshine. It really bugs me that everything I watch on TV is about summer drinks, summer fashion, summer BBQs, summer blah blah blah. DID I MENTION MY SISTER IS SWIMMING IN THE POOL, as we speak! I think I forgot what it feels like to be outside at room temperature. It's just really going to mess me up when we head down south at the end of July. DID I MENTION THAT IT IS SNOWING RIGHT NOW?

Monday, June 02, 2008

This dude that I live with...

Here is to 2 years of marriage today and 6.5 years together. Sometimes you had hair, and sometimes you didn't. Sometimes my hair was blond, sometimes it wasn't. I can't think of anyone else that I could stand to live with, or anyone else that I would willingly accept money advice from. There is no one else who can sarcastically mock my womanly mood swings and get away with it. So I guess it had to be you. Just don't let it go to your head. Love you.
P.S I will start posting more frequently I promise :)