Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Amauti

Here is a better look at my amauti. Right now I'm trying to fiddle with making my own ties (the one that was made for me that goes around my waste is a tiny bit too small). I think it would be fun to experiment with adding some kind of personal touch.

Kara had mentioned that her cats were very interested in her seal skin pelts and here you can see Tallinn is investigating my seal skin Kamiks. He wasn't supposed to be in the photo, but I swear every time someone picks up a camera he some how ends up in the shot like a photo HO! The one positive thing about the kamiks needing to be stored in the freezer (they're not tanned) is that they are out of reach of certain wandering puppies and kitties.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cup of the Cakes

For valentines day this year I made some delicious cupcakes, chocolate with pink cream cheese icing. I had a lot of fun doing them, except for the part where I had to carry Ezri around the entire time. Not that I minded having her "help" me make them, but it's hard to see what your working on when there is a 2 month old hanging off your stomach. She was in a cranky mood, perhaps knowing she couldn't actually eat the cupcakes I made, and would only sleep while being carried.
I'd like to think I'm developing my super mom skills!And if you were wondering about my romantic other half, he said for my Valentines day gift this year he would not hassle me about how much my amauti cost and also he cleaned the litter box. Very well appreciated, practical gifts. All and all a pretty awesome Valentines.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And Now for your entertainment...

When I first got pregnant, my brother Aleks put together this image. He took a photo of a lady in an amauti and photoshoped my face on to it. He also took my baby photo and Nathan's and morphed them together to create the creepy baby in the hood. That is not Ezri. My mom thought it was so cute, she printed it off and stuck it in her wallet. I cringe every time I see this photo...look at my hair.Well I had to take a real life photo and with hair to match. I just got my amauti and check it out how similar it is to Aleks' depiction. He must be able to see into the future. I will get better photos of it soon and with my hair not looking like it's on drugs.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Mini Him

She may not look like it, but in the world of babies, Ezri is an amazon. This 6 week old is fitting into 6 month old clothing. She has her dad to thank for that.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'd been back all of 1 day and I desperately needed to get out on my snowmobile. I have missed half of the season because I was down south having Ezri. I was also hesitant to snowmobile while 8 months pregnant, but I did manage to get out once, very slowly and also not on the back of Nathan's machine because he can tend to be a bit of a maniac. Generally I like to drive my own machine, I feel completely out of control when I'm riding with someone else and find the experiance way less appealing. I'm a woman in charge, I need to have my own ride.

While I was down south I noticed more snowmobiles driving around the country side and also picked up on tracks in farmers fields. I was clearly sick for my machine and drooled every time I saw someone else riding. I could almost say that I had a little tear in my eye every time I caught someone else on a machine. I knew that I needed to get out as soon as I got back, but didn't know when that would happen with Nathan getting back to work and the baby. Thank goodness I was able to sneak in a small, but tasty trip in yesterday. Thank you handy, diaper changing husband, I think I'll keep you around.

The photo is of my friend Morena and myself out on the frozen inlet, you can see town behind us. We are a couple of Snowmobiling Mammas! Morena also left an infant behind at home while we went out, in fact our kidlets are a mere 12 hours apart in age!

It's good to be back.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Big Stress.

If there is one thing that stresses me out it's packing & flying home after being away from home for a long time. I have been gone for 2 & 1/2 months now (because of the baby). I'm looking forward to returning home, but nothing that falls between getting up tomorrow and 5pm tomorrow. EEEk!

The dog also feels my stress. Although he loves driving in the car, when he sees us packing the suit cases he knows we'll be flying and starts stressing out, panting and drooling. The two of us are a pair really, except I control myself from the drooling.

The worst part is only getting half way home and getting stuck in Iqaluit because of weather, mechanical or mystery reasons (you know like the sky is full of killer bees and we can't see through the cloud so we'll not be making you flight home today, have a nice day). So, tomorrow there is a blizzard in the big I.Q. and I'm almost guaranteeing I'm not going to be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow.

Please everyone in blogdom send your mojo over to the eastern arctic and blow this blizzard outta here!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Out to Wash

I think any new mom is freaked out about most things. Everything is new and it doesn't matter how much advise you get the first time you do anything it's frightening. It's no different for the first bath. I recently bought a Baby Spa bath, it's basically an over glorified, expensive plastic bucket (except all the celebrities have one). I tried her in the bathtub and also the sink, involving me using the counter and my chin to squeeze out the shampoo, because I couldn't remove either of my hands for that task. I had to hold her up, if that meant getting soaked & covered in shampoo. The Baby Spa is supposed to help the infant sit up while you wash. However she kept sliding to the side and wanting to take a little dip, of course I didn't let her go under, but sit up by herself she didn't. I'm thinking I will get better use out of it when she is a little larger. The other problem is that I can't take it back to Nunavut. She'll probably be big enough the next time we are down and hopefully baby number 2 will get a lot more use out of it.
Calling all moms: Anyone had to deal with Baby Acne? Do you have any super tips?