Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Big Stress.

If there is one thing that stresses me out it's packing & flying home after being away from home for a long time. I have been gone for 2 & 1/2 months now (because of the baby). I'm looking forward to returning home, but nothing that falls between getting up tomorrow and 5pm tomorrow. EEEk!

The dog also feels my stress. Although he loves driving in the car, when he sees us packing the suit cases he knows we'll be flying and starts stressing out, panting and drooling. The two of us are a pair really, except I control myself from the drooling.

The worst part is only getting half way home and getting stuck in Iqaluit because of weather, mechanical or mystery reasons (you know like the sky is full of killer bees and we can't see through the cloud so we'll not be making you flight home today, have a nice day). So, tomorrow there is a blizzard in the big I.Q. and I'm almost guaranteeing I'm not going to be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow.

Please everyone in blogdom send your mojo over to the eastern arctic and blow this blizzard outta here!!


Tina said...

Have a safe flight my friend. I'm sending you good vibes from here!

Dangerous River said...

Jen, Nathan, here are some notes from my son's website, on raising my three grandchildren!

1. Being a parent
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
An old friend from university sent ‘You Won’t Remember This Either’ which has a great quote in it:
What continues to amaze me about parenting is how it simultaneously expands and condenses time. The days can seem long, but the months fly by.
That really captures it for me. I feel like a goldfish sometimes. So I take video and photos in the hope that they will keep triggering the memories for me one day.
I went to the first video he did, ‘You Won’t Remember This’ and my wife spelled it out for me - that phase of our life is over.
There is something about the omnivorous now in parenting, and the constantly shifting challenges and demands of the moment, that creates a kind of rolling amnesia for everything yesterday.
I sure hope I got enough video of it cause I’m not much of an animator.

2. Babies and sleep - Healthy sleep habits, happy child by Marc Weissbluth
Sunday, October 5, 2008
When my first child was born, the nurses said, “Boy, he’s a loud one.” I realized later that if the nurses were saying that, he really had lungs on him. Just about every night we’d go through “happy hour” which usually involved us cradling and jiggling our little guy around while he eventually went to sleep. I had a healthy supply of ear plugs.
So, was this normal? Was he colicy? Were we doomed to the horror stories I’d seen on Nanny 911?
We very quickly accumulated a stack of books about 3 feet high on helping babies sleep. They spanned a spectrum from letting them cry it out to never letting a tear touch their cheek. As this was our first and we hadn’t been around babies very much we tried just about everything to “help” our child get to sleep and this went on for a number of months. Eventually we got onto “Healthy sleep habits, happy child” by Marc Weissbluth (disclaimer, I setup an amazon affiliate account and I may get a few pennies if you buy it). It helped us to understand what was “normal” at the various stages of our childrens lives and for my next children they had it MUCH easier. They got more sleep, we got more sleep (more, that doesn’t mean enough…). Everyone was happier.
So, I sometimes come across first-time mothers and the inevitable question comes up, “does it ever end?” followed by, “how?”. I’m going to send them here because a) I can never remember his name and b) maybe it will help.

Matthew and Michele said...

I spoke with Cliff (God) last night and he said sure no blizzard for Iqaluit on Wednesday.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Aida said...

i think my mojo will be tainted, we are going thru out 9th blizzard of the year now and by far the worst though its SHOULD only be for 1 day instead of multiple days.

have a safe flight home!

Morena said...

On Jen's behalf I say your good thoughs worked cause they should be landing in CD in 30 minutes!! I thank you as well cause my parents are coming in on the same flight. Oliver is looking forward to seeing his grandparents and we wouldn't want to disappoint a 6 week old would we??

In Iqaluit said...

Yay! The weather seemed to be cooperative! Still... it's cold and you have a wee new born. How was the trip back home?