Friday, June 29, 2007

Jack White of The White Stripes Meets...My Mom

Well we have all been talking about it for months; The White Stripes are to have a show in Iqaluit! I can tell you my respect for them jumped insanely just because they would travel hundreds of miles into the arctic to play a show. We all knew the band would loose money playing up here, rather then make it. Even though I didn't go to the show, I have been talking about it for months, to all my friends in the south and random people on the street; "arn't The White Stripes so amazing, promoting Nunavut, what incredible rock stars..." and so on! I even knew what day they were playing, yet even though I wasn't going to the show. This was the same day I was flying home from my vacation south, and was having the slightest hope that maybe I would catch a glimpse of them, even though I was only spending a few hours in the airport. Of course no chance, obviously one doesn't just see rock starts milling around airports. Meanwhile my parents were coming up from the south a few days travel behind me, for their first trip north. Their flying schedule worked out so that they would have to spend a night in Iqaluit and fly out the next morning. That afternoon after checking into the Frobisher, my mother noticed a white guitar laying against the wall in the lobby. Thoughts starting rolling through my mothers mind, the previous night before she was having dinner with my brother and he was telling her all about how this band was coming to play in the north just to see what it was like, then she remembered reading an article on the plane and seeing a picture of a white guitar in the magazine, things started to click together. She then made her way over to what looked like this bands roadie and asked him if he thought that she could get an autograph, he said it would be no problem. My mother then made her way over to two gentlemen sitting down in the lobby and asked "Now, which one of you is The White Stripe?" (I informed her after that she needed to make that plural; White Stipes, she is still calling them The White Stripe)
Jack White, a mega rock star, with amazing manners was then told by my mother that he was "just a fine young man," and wonderful for coming all this way up here to play a concert. She then had him autograph something for my brother and was off. I have recently been playing some of their music for her and she proclaims "I like them!"

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Blog Work Out

I figured it was about time I got back to another blog writing exercise. I have a lot running through my head, but have been currently unable to do anything except sit under the sun beside my sisters pool. Yes I am still south, and will be until the end of June.
The only small way that I can remotely connect this episode to the north is that I actually miss home. I know a lot of you Northern Bloggers feel that home is in the south, but for me, my first house with my very own family (Nathan & Tallinn) has been north of 60. So yes I consider the north my real home(for right now anyways). Maybe the extreme 38C weather down here has gotten to my head, but I am really ready to pack up this southern trip and head back to the more Jamaican (laid back) lifestyle I lead in the North. On this trip South, I have already bought 4 different pairs of shoes...what for you might ask? Two weddings, a pair of "city" shoes and one dog chewed sneaker replacement. Up North you would have no use for these shoes, lets just everyone admit that everyone walks around in insulated rubber boots. Now that's where the style and comfort is at.
Anyways lets get back to my wonderful family that I have with me living up North, who will be leaving me two weeks earlier to fly back home, and leave me stuck in the south where I might possibly buy yet another pair of shoes. It was just yesterday my one year marriage anniversary with Nathan. Here is a cute picture...awwwwwwwwwww.......

And here is our Baby boy Tallinn
Little does he know that yesterday we got a cat...uhoh...hope he doesn't get too jelous! It all happened all of a sudden, Nathan's Aunt talked to her cat breeder, who was looking for a home for his 2 year old male. I guess the little guy is being retired from his baby making career. We plan to give him a good home and lots of loving in his retirement years. Anyone have any advise on living with a cat? This will be my first! And the saga continues....