Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Well lots has happened since I last posted...but don't all bloggers say that. I wanted really bad to post some pictures I took of an RCMP hockey Game, but I was waiting from them to appear in the paper first...however the Nunavut Papers are apparently not interested in wicked awesome images of the Premier of Nunavut, the MLA of Cape Dorset and The Head Nunavut RCMP member all playing hockey for a wonderful cause. Anyways that's my next story.

On a lighter subject, it's Mothers Day and we are back south on vacation. And what better way to spend mothers day then to drive up to see Tallinn's Mommy, Nuka. We had a quick visit to our dog breeders today and took Tallinn (he got to re-unite with his true Mommy and Daddy)!

Here is Nuka, who Tallinn gets his warm cuddly side from. Me Thanking Nuka for giving me Tallinn :)Here is Tricia, Nuka's 'Mommy' and the Malamute Family (Kodiak (dad), Tallinn and Nuka)
Father and Son playing