Friday, April 24, 2009

Babies and Giraffes, watching the Blue Jays game.

Ezri: "I really think the Blue Jays have been doing better this season. Their up 12-5 right now. I just really wish they hadn't gotten rid of Reed Johnson last year, I mean what were they thinking? Absolutely nuts!"

Ezri: "If B.J. Ryan doesn't blow it, and Halladay stays off the disabled list, they'll stand a good chance this year."

Ezri: "OMG, the bases are loaded and Vernon Wells is up. I tell you, the way they have been playing this season has had me hanging off the edge of my bumbo."

Ezri: "I see what your saying, Snider is doing alright out in left field."

Ezri: "Hey, hey, I don't like what your implying here. Sure, Snider is cute, but he'll never replace Reed Johnson, I mean COME ON!

Ezri: "OMG, what is he doing? RUN! RUN! FASTER!"

Ezri: "Perhaps I should take a short break in my swing, don't want my blood pressure to get out of control!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A series of UNFORTUNATE explosions

This is what it looks like when you open the box. You might have already expected it to look like this when you first pick it up, when something started violently dripping all over your shoe. Or maybe you clued in, because the cardboard just didn't look right, as though it had been saturated with something. The photo below I like to refer to as "when foodmail made creamsicle babies". My milk and oranges juice were lovingly packed into a single bag together, during their journey to me up north. At some point their vessel in which they were transported, must have been violently rassled. Each the orange juice and the milk carton were then "squeezed" and mixed together to create another liquid, a third liquid, a liquid I refer to as "creamsicle babies". Then the "creamsicle babies" unleashed themselves into and onto the rest of the other peaceful items inside the box, before it was delivered to me in the north.

During a separate incident, this is EXACTLY how my milk was when I opened the box. The amazing part was that there must have been at least a litre left inside, untouched. AMAZING.
Then there was this.

And this.
Dear Nameless Airline. I'm positive that it isn't the company I shop from that likes to bust up my food before it gets to me. My question would be how hard does this box get tussled around before items burst? I'm speculating that the tussling around is unnecessary for it's arrival and could possibly be easily avoided? I'm just saying.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who needs fireworks?

Last night was a memory I want to hold forever. The still, mild arctic air. It's not cold enough to be winter, not warm enough for the snow to be gone. No sound, except the soft crunch of the snow under my feet. The northern lights silently danced in the sky, greens, pinks and whites. The baby is sleeping on my back in the amauti, I can hear her soft small breaths. Nathan is working late and the dishes can wait. All I want to do is stare up at the sky. I hope that in 10 years I can close my eyes and recall this night.
The chicklet asleep. I tell you the amauti has been terribly handy. If I didn't have one I would be stuck inside all the time and photography for me would be dead. Thank goodness for the amauti and photos other then just the baby!