Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fat Bottom Girl, You Make My Rockin' World Go 'Round!

I know you're all eager to see more baby photos (not). Nathan reminded me the other day, after telling everyone about something cute Ezri did, that not everyone wants to hear about baby stories. And then I realized oh gawd I'm a mom. So I guess this is going to be another mommy blog, too bad for you.

Aleks (my brother) made up this Warhol-esk photo of shots of Ezri. He had made a movie of her the other night and we are probably going to play at her wedding (because we are evil). Of course I think every face is freaking hilarious, but is that just my mom eyes?

My little Jabba The Hut was weighed a few days ago at the doctors office and she is 11lbs 5ozs! Up 3lbs from her birth weight. I guess that puts her above 95% of the babies in her age/height group. This of course meant that I had to go get her a couple more, larger footie PJammas to last us when we head back north. Oh, Children's Place and Baby Gap, how you give me a shot of sweet adrenaline. The one thing I have learned as a new mommy thus far is that pants look ridiculous and footie Pjammas are really the only way to go in terms of convenience and comfort. I only wish that A) they made them in adult sizes and B) it would be socially acceptable for me to wear them everyday.

*I know I changed my header a few days early, but I didn't want to forget with my lack of brain.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She who occupies my time

This is my excuse for being a bad blogger. And I don't mind one bit.

We return to the north in a week and I can't wait to get back home. Hopefully my posting will pick up a little when I'm back.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Dr. Evil Demands...

...that you take part and vote for this years "Nunies" awards for Best Nunavut Blog, Best New Nunavut Blog and Best Post from a Nunavut Blog here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Reign of Power is Coming to an End

Well I've spent one glorious year as Queen of Nunavut...ha ha ahhh I mean champion of Nunavut... I guess that's not right either. My blog won some awesome awards last year called "Nunies" and their time of power is coming to a close. It's a whole new year and a whole lot of other wonderful blogs contending for the awards.

The Nunies blogging awards are the baby of Clare from The House and Other Arctic Musings and although most of us in the Nunavut blogging community agree Clare should take all these titles, he has graciously opted out of being nominated so the rest of us have a chance.

I have left this a little late as this is the last day to submit nominations, but I have good excuses! You can check out how to nominate your favourite Nunavut Blog over here. You can also check out a whack load of fantastic Northern Blogs on my side bar. Don't be fooled they aren't all from the Superior Nunavut community, you'll have to check where they are writing from before you submit a nomination. (I'm just kidding, you know I love all my Northern blogs just the same!)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Someone ate my Cadbury Creme Eggs!

The only evidence was the nicely emptied box of one of the 3 packs of Creme Eggs, with a few teeth marks. All egg and egg wrapping was nonexistent. I asked Nathan if he had consumed the eggs, because he has been known to gobble them down so fast he has left teeth marks in the box as well. When he denied this accusation, we immediately knew who done it!
Don't worry he is still alive. This is just how Tallinn likes to sleep. The Creme Eggs only gave them some obnoxious gas and no other lasting effects. Just like the Nerds and Sweetarts he was into over Christmas! He didn't like those as much, only spending the time to taste the flavor before spitting them back out onto the carpet. We don't just leave these things out for him, he snipes them and then unwraps them carefully. Sometimes he tries to hide the packaging and it doesn't turn up until days later. We try our best to keep these things away and out of reach and then again sometimes I'll come out and find him standing on his hind legs scoping out things on the kitchen counter. Meanwhile he knows he isn't even allowed in the Kitchen, but that's only a rule to be obeyed under a watchful eye. At least he is enjoying his vacation down south.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Baby Story

Well it's been just over a week....and I still can't believe I'm responsible for a little person. As you can imagine I haven't had much sleep and although she is just one tiny jelly bean, she has occupied most of my waking hours, which has been pretty much most of the 24 out of a day.

I was still not experiencing any real contractions when we finally arrived at the hospital. We got checked in and you can imagine how busy it was at 5am on Christmas Eve... I felt like we were in some resident Evil video game, no one around and your just waiting for zombies to come out of the rooms and start chasing you. Of course because I wasn't experiencing any kind of discomfort the nurses had us walk around the halls... the empty halls, the ones with possible zombies, to see if that would bring on some contractions. Since that didn't happen and the zombies kept to themselves we took entertainment from an abandoned wheel chair. My sister-in-law Jen raced down the hallway to see how fast she could go, then Nathan and of course then I had to try as well. When we finally got into the delivery room the nurse said I was too jolly to be in labor. Clearly I was having WAY too much of a good time, so they put me on Oxytocin, allowing me to have more consistent and real contractions. At this point I was on my way into a world of pain. A world that I would be rescued from by Captain Epidural.
I had waited a while to see how bad the contractions actually were and finally decided after Nathan was trying to use tickling as pain control that I finally was ready for the Epidural. I recommend it for anyone who is interested. I had a fantastic experience. I was so pain free and in such a calm state that we all stopped to watch Extreme House Makeover in between pushing when it was finally time. Here I am after the epidural, and boy did it feel good.
The whole thing from start to finish took about 12 hours and it felt like it just flew by. I didn't think I'd actually want to see it happening, but finally broke down and asked for a mirror and watched the entire thing, it was incredible (especially because I couldn't feel a thing). It's not anything I could possibly describe... I was one person before and a completely different person the moment the kid popped out.
I have never felt such passionate emotion and love for one tiny little thing. Of course I've spent the last week completely jacked on hormones and can start balling at the drop of a hat. I'm freaked out about everything, is she too hot, too cold, what are the spots on her face, is she eating enough? I have also never felt so content.

Introducing Ezri Eve .E.
Triple E
E Cubed
Tallinn's Sister
We settled on the middle name Eve because she was born on Christmas Eve. It was my sister Jen's suggestion and it jived well, especially because we pretty much didn't have a name up until the point I was in the middle of labor.