Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fat Bottom Girl, You Make My Rockin' World Go 'Round!

I know you're all eager to see more baby photos (not). Nathan reminded me the other day, after telling everyone about something cute Ezri did, that not everyone wants to hear about baby stories. And then I realized oh gawd I'm a mom. So I guess this is going to be another mommy blog, too bad for you.

Aleks (my brother) made up this Warhol-esk photo of shots of Ezri. He had made a movie of her the other night and we are probably going to play at her wedding (because we are evil). Of course I think every face is freaking hilarious, but is that just my mom eyes?

My little Jabba The Hut was weighed a few days ago at the doctors office and she is 11lbs 5ozs! Up 3lbs from her birth weight. I guess that puts her above 95% of the babies in her age/height group. This of course meant that I had to go get her a couple more, larger footie PJammas to last us when we head back north. Oh, Children's Place and Baby Gap, how you give me a shot of sweet adrenaline. The one thing I have learned as a new mommy thus far is that pants look ridiculous and footie Pjammas are really the only way to go in terms of convenience and comfort. I only wish that A) they made them in adult sizes and B) it would be socially acceptable for me to wear them everyday.

*I know I changed my header a few days early, but I didn't want to forget with my lack of brain.


Shanlee said...

Hey Jen, they do make adult pj's with the footies. My sil found some in Montana at Target or JC Penny - one of those great stores that we don't have in Canada anyway. Maybe you could buy them online before you head back North.

In Iqaluit said...

Here is how I see it:

(1) You can turn this into a mommy blog if you want (with much attention to the canine as well)! It would be great! I am a new mom myself and would love to hear your stories.

(2) For those who aren't super interested in baby/mom stuff, they might if YOU write it! Kind of like towniebastard... he writes about curling and comics - two subjects that I am not a fan of but I really like how he writes, his humour, and his point of view. I still come back everyday to read his blog.

Your daughter is sweet. You won't hear me complain about too many pictures or stories about her.

Fie said...

Hey Jen, I'm looking forward to reading your mommy blog! :-)

jen said...

Shanlee, Thanks I'll check that out lol.. I hope they're just as cute as the kid ones!

In Iqaluit & Fie, Thanks! I'm glad I'll still have people reading & understanding of my obsessed mommy syndrome! lol

Aleks said...

Each of the pics is hilarious but my favorite is this sequence:

middle, middle-> middle bottom-> bottom right

That was actually the sequence we got... perplexed->baby rage onset->full wailage

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Woohooo!! Blogging more!

And I am quite content if it is a mommy-blog.

And yes, there are places that make footie pj's! Just google it baby!

Aida said...

i believe they make adult footed pjs. btw, i hv a coupon for pleasemum, $25 off for purchase of $75. let me know if you need it. its also valid online and someone told me they ship all across canada (no fine print), flat rate $6.95. my kids have far too many clothes

towniebastard said...

Cathy is a big fan of the jammies with feet....this is where I bought hers.

They make them in one-piece and two-piece. Cathy recommends the two-piece jammies for....logistic....reasons.

indigo said...

that is one seriously FLK

KOTN said...

When she gets older, she will start trying to rip off her pants and diaper. THat is why we started our overall kick. With the straps up, he is under control, no naked baby incidents.

Also, very cute pics.

Shelley said...

My fav baby pic is the one with her tongue out! too cute!