Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is anyone out there?

Ok so I don't live in Nunavut anymore. So what, I'm still posting. I thought I should do a little better at trying to wrap this up. Not that I really want to stop writing about embarrassing things on the Internet anymore, but really I would be living a fat lie if I kept posting under this website any longer. Maybe I should just change the name to Formerly of Nunavut? Well in any case a new website will be made, but I just moved into a new house, have a baby who is moving faster then the speed of light and am pregnant, so don't expect speediness. I've had a few people, you know all of 5 of my blog fans, complain about not making any posts. So here you are.

Adjusting back down south has been fairly easy, I've found myself plugged back into cellphone and car, the things I lived so easily without up north. I've also been too busy to think much about the adjustment, except for that short time at the end of the day when I feel horridly exhausted and my feet are killing me, I realize it's because there is way too much to do down here. Of course I miss my friends and all the beautiful scenery up north and think of them often. Sometimes I go on the Environment Canada's website and check out the temperatures for back north, like I'm secretly stocking everyone. By now they have lots of snow and down here we have terrible rain and bazaar days with plus 16. But are the Fall colours on the trees ever amazing! I've come to a funny realization that when I lived up north I was ready for Halloween in August and Christmas in September, both Holidays seemed to take exceptional time to actually reach. Everything seems to be in better balance now that there is no snow on the ground, I might actually make it to December without catching myself whistling carols.

Tallinn seems to be making the inside adjustment very well, as it was too hot at first for him to stay outside all day long. Now that it has cooled down he still seems content spending time inside. As long as his days are filled with many trips in the car and visits to Petsmart and Gramy's house. He has also taken up to rummaging through the garbage and shedding like crazy all over my new house, this was one reason having him outside most of the time was ideal. But I do love having his company while he is inside.

This is what has been keeping me so occupied, working on the house and looking after Ezri while Nathan is working. Babies will only stay so happy for so long while parked in one spot. Poor girl wanted to have the run of the place and play with all the tools, nails and paint. Mommy had other ideas, banishing her to baby prison in the exersaucer.
We have been enjoying all the bounty the Fall season provides. Especially not having to pay $40 for a pumpkin, but rather $2.50. This is not the front of my house, I do not live in a shack cabin. Although that would be super cool around Halloween.

Here I'm representing the north wearing my Amauti to a War of 1812 reenactment. Some of the amazingly dressed reenactors where very interested in my jacket, it's funny that I came there to see them dressed up, not the reverse. I tell you this was way more practical then bringing the stroller out onto the battle field.

By the way baby number two is a girl!