Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Nunies, The Nunavut Blogging Awards!

I am very honored to be a nominee for Best Nunavut Blog 2007! A huge thanks to Clare of The House & Other Arctic Musings for creating and hosting the Nunies! Just to be nominated has made my day. The whole thing has been pretty exciting, from Clare getting into the News Paper about the awards to the actual nominations themselves. If any of you didn't know there was a story in last weeks Nunavut News about the Nunies. I have my copy!

Here are a few other Nominees, blogs that I read everyday, Townie Bastard, Port Town Ghosts, Way Way Up, Tales From The Arctic, A Journey Northwards and many more!!

Check it out, voting begins soon.


Aleks said...

As a voting security researcher I should "warn" your readers there's nothing preventing people from voting multiple times ;-)

Way Way Up said...

Ha! I tried voting multiple times for my blog at work and at home and Jen is still kicking my ass!

Kennie said...

Duh ... I don't think your supposed to admit to that ;-) ... but I do know that you can't vote more than once from the same computer (or I'm assuming ip address) ... I was curious myself.

Way Way Up said...

jk......I'd never do something like that ;)