Thursday, April 24, 2008

ravens in real life.

These two ravens were actually "arguing" outside our house, driving Tallinn nuts. Kind of like how we drive him nuts when Nathan and I bicker. He will even howl at us. Oh and if you are reading this Nathan, I am not trying to send you any subliminal messages. We both know the wrapper issue will continue to be an on going battle, and I except that. I'll take you as is. :)


Aleks said...

My theory is, you factor in being a man pig slob into current trends in eco conservation.

For example, swigging juice from the carton saves a dirty dish and the carbon producing natural gas used to heat the water that cleans it.

there you go, everyone wins!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahahahah you are such a riot!

Nunavummiut said...

Thank you for noticing the name of my blog changed ever so slightly. :)