Monday, October 08, 2007

A Tale Of A Few Crepes

What do you do on a lazy Thanksgiving Monday, when all the stores are closed and the comfort of your warm house is the most appealing thing, when you want to just stay in your Pjammas all day? You make crepes and have a little fancy, but not formal breakfast(because remember you are still in your raspberry stained pjammas). But first you have to learn how to make crepes, because even though they look simple, simple they are not! The first few were tough and thick, until I got the hang of the pan swirling down (to thin out the batter on the pan). Even after I got them to a nice thinness, they weren't perfectly round, but who cares they tasted great and next time I will prefect their beauty.
Breakfast Art.
Norman Likes them too (This was just an extra one I was trying to take pictures of, he also seemed interested, but was put off by the non-tuna flavor)!
More to Come on Thanksgiving dinner...My two loves; food and photography!


Rob & Tina said...

Gotta tell ya, breakfast art looked a little creepy. Looks like something from a CSI crime scene. Or maybe I'm just really tired. :) I've never tried crepes, but cooking shows I've seen makes them look really good. I'd want to try Nutella and Banana in one. Looked really yummy on some travel show!

Kate Nova said...

I feel like I can reach out with a spoon and steal some!

Aleks said...

image links are broken? huh.
We spent the 'Giving pounding in hardwood then went out tonight for Vietnamese noodles... not the way I would've preferred it, but at least we created something that might outlive us :-)

Kara and Matt said...

mmmmm looks good! I think I will have to try that next weekend!