Monday, October 01, 2007

Ad Vision

With magical ability of digitally recording television, one tends to loose the commercials. And is this really such a bad thing. Well I have to say that I admire a good commercial, and I mean a good one. Here are 3 of my all time favourites, ones that I can watch over and over again (to fill the ad hole that the DVR has created).

This first one here is running top of my list, it's best if you have seen the movie "The March of the Penguins". And a little hint for this one is that in French it's called "The March of the Emperors".

This one comes in Second (yes I know I am counting backwards). And Since I am a Mac girl I present Mac Vs. PC. This ad is the best of the series because it points out some of the many flaws with windows new operating system Vista. One thing I hate is control and I am glad I am not running vista!

Last of all I bring you a classic, the Ikea Lamp left on the street ad. I love this one in so many ways. It brings me deep int feeling, I feel terrible for the neglected old lamp, notice how the woman tenderly touches the new lamp. I think however I love this best because it displays a practicalness that I love in Scandinavian people. God Bless Ikea.


Rob & Tina said...

OMG that's hilarous! I had never seen the March of the Emperior and the Ikea one. I roared! As much as I enjoyed the Mac commercial, there is one that I think is better. It came out about a year ago and it was a man looking at a new Mac in a store window and started making faces at it, and the computer minicked him. It ended with the man sticking his tongue out and the computer sticking out the CD drive. It's my all time favorite.

Way Way Up said...

Hi Jen....just regarding your comment on my last post. I'd dearly love to share....just needed your e-mail as I seem to have lost it here. I've been seriously debating doing a post on this very issue at the risk of bringing the GN down on me like a ton of bricks.

Jen said...

Rob & Tina
It took some searching, but I found it.

Kara and Matt said...

Okay, the first time that I saw the lamp one I almost started to tear up!

And my favorite one start with a cat licking its ass on its owners pillow in bed. The next shot is of the owner sleeping with their head on the pillow. Then these words come up- Have you had your cat dewormed lately? ahahah I loved it!