Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Curing the Blues

Don't worry, don't worry I haven't completely lost it yet! I have plenty sane cells left in my brain (even if the pictures suggests otherwise). It's has just been the weight of living in the North over a year and the best way start fresh for the dark season was to get drop dead weight from my brain. February won't be the time for going crazy, rather spending time on the beach, here I come Hawaii! The count down for February will be a joyous one.

Here are a few little things that I do to cure the southern blues in the North.
1. To fix my coffee house and latte deficiency:
Take a half cup of milk and microwave it, then take milk and blend(froth) in a magic bullet. Pour milk into (Starbucks) mug simultaneously with overly strong coffee (made with two table spoons of French Roast per cup of water). Enjoy while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club.

2. To Pep me up when I want to be stylish:
Go online and buy super cute (northern Friendly) winter boots that your husband will remind you that you don't need because you already own them in a different colour.
Take a long shower, exfoliate, put in a conditioner treatment, use soaps that remind you of summer and finish it off with Body Shop body butter (coconut will make those winter blues and winter sandpaper skin melt away).
Paint your toenails and wear flip flops inside even if it's snowing outside.

3. And just to get rid of any other frustrations
Get your wonderful husband to take you out target shooting with the 22. I have actually gotten to be a good shot, I wonder if this skill will ever be useful someday.

Here is what I don't miss about living in the south that I thankfully don't experience in the north:
1. Peoples horrible impatience. Waiting in line is the end of the world to some people. I hate getting stuck behind some restless woman at the grocery store, smacking her gum and tapping her $20 gel nails on the counter. In the north, it's a social event waiting in line, and no one really complains. I like to call this place my arctic Jamaica, just chill man!

2. Complaining. People in the North could be stuck with no power for many, many hours in minus 40 weather and no one complains, it's just assumed the power is out for a legitimate reason. In the south the power could go out for an hour and it's not even breaking the 0 mark, the next day the news is complaining about all the senior citizens being frozen to death. I am not saying no one complains up here, just at least not about things they know they can't do anything about.

3. The Rush. I always had 10 thousand people to see and things to do in the south, and it all had to be done at the same time. This is why you need a cell phone, so you can arrange details and schedules while traveling in the car, in line at the store or while using the toilet. In the North the worst thing you need to worry about is getting dinner made on time. Nathan comes home for meals while he is working and it's totally normal for businesses and offices to close for dinner hours, like we are now talking Italy on top of Jamaica. GO GO GO to buy groceries and get to bank before 5, why don't they have a drive through grocery store?!?!?!!?

Sure I complain, but I love living here, I like to chill man.


Jackie S said...

YOU ARE GOING TO HAWAII?? I'm so jealous. I am going to live vicariously through you.

towniebastard said...

I'm going on a Caribbean cruise at Christmas and Italy next summer. The ridiculous vacation you could never afford when living down south is one of the tried and true sanity measures when things start to get you down a bit.

Julie said...

Yay warm places!! I can't wait for Mexico!! Although I'm sure your trip is going to be much longer than my week trip that is actaully only 5 days because 2 of those days are traveling.... DAMMIT!

anyways, I'm going to have a BLAST sittin drinkin my pina coladas and snorkeling while taking underwater photos of fishes and sea turtles! Which reminds me I need to order that underwater housing for my little digital when I have some moula. Also I need to get my Hep shots! lol Don't need to catch any hep from those pina coladas!

One thing I must say in response to this post is,, you will never FULLY cure the blues, because one thing the great North lacks is a little girl named Julie! :( and I guess that goes for me too. Stupid South has no Jen! well.. of the Eichenberg type..well that not true, as there is one other, but you know what I mean!

Rob & Tina said...

You totally rock. No other way to say it. Although, I agree with painting of the toenail but not of the flip flops (I'm anti flip flop), and Whipped Body Butter from Avon is the best I've ever used.

Jackie S said...

LOVE the new header hehe. Soooo fantastic.

Rob & Tina said...

I didn't even notice the header!! UGGH! You really really are a brat! LOL. I hate flip flops so much that my high school year book write up states "Tina will be known for her despise of flip flops". I can proudly say at 32 years of age, flip flops have never been on my feet, nor have they been on the feet of my kids!

Jen said...

I used to hate flip flops too, until I put a pair on, I prefer the bamboo bottom ones. My feet felt so free, it was like walking barefoot, and I love walking barefoot!