Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Day & The Dinner

It doesn't seem like something that's important to blog about, but apparently I thought it was important enough to blog thrice about: Thanksgiving. Holidays are important here, it's a reason to celebrate! We spend them in a much more simplistic & old school (we have no tv, so lets all sing a song) manner.
A big breakfast, a family activity and then the main event; dinner! Nathan, myself, Tallinn, Christina and Ainsley spent the afternoon on the beach. Christina made the dinner part and all I had to do was bring some bread, boy was that a breeze!
The seaweed forecast for today: Thick and squishy!
What amazing fashion sense this man has! The dog leash belt....HOT and dangerous all at the same time!
This was fantastic! I love food! Yey, the elliptical trainer is coming soon!


Rob & Tina said...

This is the first pic I've seen of your hubby. LOVE the dog leash belt! Very sexy! Grrr!

Kara and Matt said...

I am with Tina- the dog belt is a very sexy choice in accessories!

Julie said...

real or stovetop? mmmmmmmmmmmm

Carl said...

Hi Jen,

That looks like a tasty dinner!

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Jen said...

Nathan should start his own clothing line...Hobo "chic".

REAL BABY! Christina has this spice stuff called epicure, she used that and some other ingredients, it was ridiculous! If you are interested I can send you a catalog!