Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Milizzard fo shizzard

Well, one of the beauties of living in the north is that the weather actually does effect your life inside and out. We have just come out of a 48 hour milizzard (not a blizzard but still miserable!). I was without T.V. and internet for entirely too long (no t.v and no internet make Jen go something, something, crazy? Don't MIND if I DO)! It all started the other night when I noticed that it looked like someone had thrown a slurppy on my front porch, then it got really cold and the slurrpy froze. Now I am in constant fear of breaking a hip, there isn't a enough salt to melt the amount of dangerous ice outside! There was also snow and high winds that shook my house. That's finished, my internet is back but there is still much too much ice. And I have to use a lighter, along with my house key when I want to get into my house. I guess some of the slurppy got into my lock and now that it's frozen I need to heat up my key for any lock turning action to happen. How does one fix this problem ultimately? As I am only temporally melting the ice inside the lock to get it to turn? Then it freezes again and I have to repeat the process? Do I shove a piece of paper towel into the lock to absorb the moisture after I heat it up?

Nathan's home tomorrow!! I can't wait!! Not only for him, but so he can fix the T.V, I think the dish was blown out of alignment. Also in a week my brother will be up visiting from Ottawa. I can't wait for him to finally see where I live as he is a large city lifer, who I know will get a shock from being up here. And I do love to shock him, that's what sisters are for. A week after he leaves, Nathan's sister is up. She is a seasoned visitor to Nunavut, so no shock value there, just looking forward to visiting! I am hoping that it snows enough to get the snow mobile out for her visit, but all the weather gods seem to want to do these days is to make unpractical ice! Who needs that?
Speaking of Ice, check this out, I got one of my photos published in the Nunavut News North paper, front page too! It's the picture of the three boys running on ice. SO go get your copy TODAY folks!

P.S I was forced to change my hair style again because of few northern bloggers guessed my "top secret profession". And it's almost Halloween so I needed to have black hair.


Rob & Tina said...

Woo hoo you're back! I'm on to you though. You've been offline since Saturday doing "top secret spy" stuff. Nice coverup blaming the weather for no internet. :) How did you get your picture in the paper?? Very cool.

Kara and Matt said...

For your lock.... go to the store and ask for a small can of de-icer. You stick it in the lock and it comes out in a spray and fixes your lock!

Aleks said...

I do love a good shock. Maybe I can provide a shock or two of my own. I'm thinking about what kinds of extra Halloween crap i should bring

Julie said...

hope you enjoyed your care package, it was not even filled with a quarter of the stuff i wanted to fill it with! i hope you enjoy my choice of a wicked halloween movie! lol

also TD and the POD, i know its used, but it was $5!! and i could not pass it up! ;p;

Kate Nova said...

I'm so happy you sent in a pic. It looks awesome on the front! They look like they're running right off the page at ya.

Jackie S said...

Yah double congrats on the pic from me too.
I picked up the paper today, and glowed a little bit because I knew SO MANY PEOPLE writing in that paper.
Man I'm popular.

Also, LOVE your slushy story. It was a perfect companion to my brekkie this am.

Aleks said...

You remember that Halloween thing where they make you stick your hand in stuff and tell you its brains and what not? Maybe we should do that for the kids.

Jen said...

Just go online and get the e-mail of your local paper editor and then just start sending them images. I was lucky that someone saw my blog and wanted to know if occasionally I could send in images of my community.

Thanks! I will look into that! Beats having to carry around a lighter!

YOU ROCK! I have been porking all the Halloween candy you sent, I feel a cavity coming on!

Thanks, I have to say it's a life highlight for me to have a front page picture (even if it's no pulitzer winner lol)! And I am blessed that it's actually my second! Not many other photographers my age can say that.

You are in the Nunavut Mob now! Represent! Woohoo! I love our little community, I am proud that I know people all over the north! Well at least I feel like I know them!

I don't think the kids up here are ready for that kind of Halloween, in a way it's good to just keep it simple. They haven't been exposed to the fake horror surrounding Halloween and I worry it will be too much. Last year they didn't even know what fake cob webs were and didn't know what to make of it. They know candy and they know dressing up, but that's where their at, although what kid doesn't enjoy sticking their hands in goo?

Aleks said...

I'm still going to see if I can't stuff a couple pie pumpkins in my suitcase...

Buddy and Trisha said...

Hey Jen, Long time no talk. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. I haven't blogged much as some people used some of the photo's I posted for bad reasons so I had to make it invite only and that just takes the fun out of it.
I will face book you with all the latest. We are moving hip hip horray. take care, trisha

Allyse/Cale said...

Hey Beautiful! I miss you and Cale says hi...I was going to suggest lock de-icer but someone already told u that...I cannot believe how big Tallin is now its unbelieveable. Say hi to Nathan for me and hopefully he's got ur tv up soon. Miss u lots,
P.S. Next time ur down u'll have to come see the apartment. I'll give you the number later.