Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snowmobiling with the dog

The flat sea ice is optimum for taking the dog out running on. The problem is getting him down there. On the way we have to go through the icey hell bit (choppy ice where sea meets land) and past the sled dogs on the ice and still keep his mind on the prize. The sled dogs are tied up on the ice, they all stand up and get excited when we pass, but don't have the social manners for Tallinn to just drop in for a quick smell. He might get hurt. I have to keep him moving. Once out on the flat ice, we can cruise along at moderate doggy chasing speeds and not worry about anything distracting him or harming him. Chasing us on the snowmobile works him pretty hard, an alternative to him walking me, he likes to pull. I disagree with anyone who says Malamutes couldn't cut it as sled dogs. However Tallinn being a sled dog might not jive, just because I think we raised somewhat of a paw massage, doggy treat eating fluff ball that enjoys watching television. But regardless he still needs his fluffy Malamute body worked.


Trudie said...

Malamutes certainly have the build and strength for hauling but I think their thick fur is the problem - they simply overheat too easy.

jen said...

I believe that the extreme temperatures up here would aid in a malamute not overheating. Most of the sled dogs up here have very similar, heavy coats.

Julie said...

Awww, I love Tallinns hammer pants! So cute and fuzzy!