Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Intervention

My name is Jennifer, J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R. I have been eating Mini Eggs for years now, I started back when I was 18. I usually eat a handful at a time, usually around easter time. It starts with a couple in the morning just before breakfast and then I generally pop a few more handfuls periodically through out the day. My husband says I should stop, but then I just question his Cadbury cream egg problem.My sister In-law and I were joking about needing an intervention this easter. She says she has the same problem I have with mini eggs only with ju-jubes. I think my rehab should involve a treadmill of some kind.
Someone else was interested in my mini eggs, I told him that chocolate was "no-good" for puppies and offered him my chocolate breath instead.HAPPY EASTER Y'ALL!
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Kennie said...

LOL! I can't even enjoy my Easter goodies until Tuesday night as they are trapped at the Post Office :-( (we had parent teacher thursday and got out after the PO was closed - boooo). I imagine I"ll be joining you in needed some Easter intervention later on.

Nancy said...

Ohhhh, you guys share my top two easter addictions. I have a large stash of minis but my affordable source of the creams was cut off weeks ago. Minis are a better addiction though, easier to moderate. Have you ever tried putting a cream down after one bite? Even if one had the willpower, the compulsion to not make a mess would spur one onwards to complete the job.

Love those polarizer filter shots from a couple of posts back!

Julie said...

I like Norm in the top photo. And NayNays sexy legs in the bottom one! :p lol

Anonymous said...

Long live the crackberries!!!

love you lots

Aleks said...

I didn't even notice NayNay's sexy legs. Good eye, Jubles.

I was going to make a general remark about your life--how it was funny how you just take a random photo of you in your house and probability of a cat being in-frame is now 100%.

Aida said...

OMG, I hv a serious addiction for the mini eggs, like S-E-R-I-O-U-S. I now refuse to have it in the house or let Frank buys it and brings it in the house. And since its too bloody cold to lug the kids and I hate putting layers on, i dont go out and get them, instead i stock up on prunes. Apparently when i feel wanting to gobble chocolate, i reach out for prunes and it seems to work ....strange i know.