Friday, March 07, 2008

Arctic March

Someone wants inside.


Trudie said...

Oh, but isn't he a pet! There is nothing so sad sounding as a Husky howling - they can really put their soul into it! Does he want to go out again after 5 minutes or does he have one thermostat for inside the house (= loves to snuggle up to a radiator)
and one for outside?

jen said...


He does want out again in 5 minutes, I think he forgets about how bad the weather is. As he gets older though he tolerates more lengthy visits indoors. He usually doesn't cry unless we both leave the house at the same time. Apparently even the neighbors hear his disapproval.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

What great pics. It looks like you guys have a huge house.

Julie said...

lol Tallinn looks like a wild wolf howling at the moon!


tell him i miss him! and auntie julie will have a sleep over with him this summer!

Aleks said...

I drove home from Washington yesterday. Got caught in a snowstorm and had to drive at 60km/h for most of the way. Took me 12 hours!