Friday, March 14, 2008

Amauti Cuteness

What exactly is cuteness? Is it when your dog crams his entire face into an empty Ice Cream container to lick the last remaining globs of ice cream, pushing so hard that he is forced to close his left eye, to only see when he comes up for air the ice cream is all over his face and on his eye lashes. Or is it when your one angry cat (Norman) puts aside his issues with the canine species so he can then lick the ice cream off of your rather large Malamute's face.

Today cute was seeing my friends darling girl go to the store in her Amauti. An Amauti for you of those in the south is an amazing parka that mother can carry her baby in. The baby sits in a pouch in the back of the coat and can look out when mommy's hood is down. Today the baby was a cabbage patch girl named Julie (to my Julie, you would love hearing Ainsley say Julie, it's the cutest ever) and the mommy of course was Ms. Ainsley.

Ms. Ainsley was of course a very responsible mommy, pricing out the different diaper selections for her Julie. Everyone at the store fawned over Ainsley and Julie today. This is simply the definition of cuteness.


Kennie said...

She is adorable!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

OMG. That is soo sweet. Do you mind if I post it on my blog?

Aida said...

Oh my, that is so cute. Same here, can i link this post on my blog?

btw, your northern store has WAY more stuff than ours!

jen said...

Yep it's our new northern store and I love it!!

Tina and Aida,
For sure link it up.

Megan said...

Everyone is so polite. I link to you all the time without asking. Should I be checking with you first? I have a rotating links list in my sidebar, and your latest posts are featured about every other day. Let me know if this isn't OK with you.

jen said...

Hey Megan,
Links are cool with me ;)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Super duper cute!! Okay, when we have baby number 2 and if it is a girl, you have to hook me up with someone there to make one for me. Then me and my girl could have matching amoutis! People really look at me funny in the Yukon when I wear it!

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