Monday, March 17, 2008

video games & pajama pants

No work and all play make Jen and Nathan stay in pajamas all day. Nathan bought the second x-box Star Wars Lego game and was nice enough to spend the day playing it with me. He is usually into those hardcore first person shooting games, and that's just a little too attention demanding for me. I tend to stick with fluffy fun games that I can quit at any time and join reality again.
I caught someone using my Mac, and looky there on the table beside him sits lonely Mr.PC! I know you secretly marvel in the beauty and magnificence of that, that is MAC!

I am it.

A kitty needs a warm place to sleep. I guess we watch enough T.V to keep the receiver at an acceptable kitty temperature.


Kennie said...

Poor Mr. PC ... so alone, sitting there on that table ... while Nathan plays with the big bad (yet far superior) Mac. That's not the blue screen of death you get next time, that's a depressed PC.

Julie said...

Lego Indiana Jones comes out June 3rd! I smell a 2nd year wedding anniversary present! lol

Nathan said...

I'll have you know that I am not a computer racist. If the Mac happens to be sitting on a foot stool, open and running, directly in front of me and I have a need of its services then I will use it. However for everyday use the PC is far superior.

Tablet mode!

Kennie said...


Anonymous said... to what type of camera you are using for your shots? Dig SLR or automatic and the brand. the market for new one.

Julie said...

I've seen NayNay grab for Mac even when PC is closer! LIES!! ALL LIES!!

jen said...

Depressed blue screen lol. That's funny.

I totally want Indiana Jones Lego game now! I have already told Nathan.

Whatever lol.

I use a Nikon D80, it's a digital SLR. I love mine very much, but I am already oogaling the next modal up. My friend just bought the D40 (the modal down) and it is perfect for her. So it's really relative, you can get a good Digital SLR and not break the bank. If you have any specific questions feel free to e-mail me. :)