Friday, November 30, 2007


So I have finally sold my 18th century DOS ipod (ok it wasn't that old, in fact if was a photo ipod, but it's size and clunkiness made it feel really out of date). Now I am hoping I am going to get one of those cute little ipod nanos, according to Nathan I have hinted pretty hard about getting it for Christmas, so I am pretty confident I will get one. Now some might say hey, your down sizing, but really I don't need 10 thousand songs on my ipod at one time. Especially because I hate things pretty fast, if I don't like a song, I don't want it and the rest of a CD stuck on my ipod just as filler.

The most irritating part of this whole thing is trying to retrieve all my music off of my ipod just so I can put it on a different ipod. HELLO APPLE I LOVE YOU, BUT WHY MUST YOU SUCK at file sharing? All I want to do is move songs from my old ipod on to my NEW ipod, I am not trying to start an illegal CD coping ring! And I would prefer to do this within the law. But no you force me to a) buy all new songs or b) download pirate software to remove the songs from my painPOD. I will give you 3 guess what I did. I am usually the first person to stand up for everything apple, but this is where they are going too far. Can't they develop a system just to move your songs from your old ipod to a new one? Like a package that comes with the new pod? My old ipod is at least 4 years old, we are talking songs that I no longer have on my lap top or CDs I have sold. Having the files already on my computer also saves me the hassle of ripping all my CDs again as well.

The new year should be about cleaning house, so I have started with the ipod, cleansing it of crap songs. As I move songs from the old ipod into itunes, I am deleting junk. Unfortunately the way apple hides the music files and the way I have to get them on my computer is time consuming. I have to open each and every single one of the 3000 songs to see what they are. When you see them in the files you retrieve they are coded with 4 letters, so you have no idea what song you are opening. In a way it's kind of fun, like you are opening a kinder surprise, anticipating each song. I have noticed a few things about my tastes in playing every song, I have way too much Smashing Pumpkins, Radio Head and Danny Elfman and questions like what possessed me to like Collective Soul or Dave Mathews Band? Painstakingly I have worked through each song, stopping occasionally to listen to a song I haven't heard or forgotten about that had been hiding in the cob webs of the pod.

I was reunited with my Danish boy band Nik og Jay and their song En Dag Tilbage, Jeferson Airplane's White Rabbit, and few other obscurities.

But ultimately I searched the deepest crevasses of my old ipod for one nameless Nine Inch Nails song. A song that I got from a friends mixed CD a hundred years ago. I know it only as track 01. And don't think I haven't tried for years to figure out it's name or what CD it came from. I own most NIN CDs, so my only thoughts are that it must have been a collaboration with another artist on their CD. All I know is that it's only instrumental and it's beautiful. I am happy that it won't be lost forever.

The best part of this whole ordeal is the guy that bought the old ipod is getting it with the pink skin and all! Shhh no one tell him Tallinn pooped on it when he was a baby (it's clean and it works fine)! :)


Evelyn said...

hi Jen!

I'm a "lurker", which is a word I don't like, but just means I've been visiting every now and again...

anywho, I thought this might be of interest:

Kennie said...


If you haven't figured it out yet, go download your self a little program called Sentui (works on both windows and mac if I remember correctly), install it, plug in your iPod and access it like an external drive and copy all of your music off of it! I do it all the time!

And I have to say, I got a similar music collection on my iPod :-)

Jen said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for the tips, I have been using ilink, it works fine. Just all the files are 4 letter codes, so I have to open each file to see what it is and seeing as I hate and don't want to transfer some songs, it's a pain, because all files have to be opened and put into itunes, instead of dragging and dropping the ones I want. Kennie, does Sentui let you actually see what file you are dragging off?
LOL Evelyn...boingboing reminds me of something...I won't say what. :P

Anyways I will try those next time, lol I got all the files off the old pod as of now.

Evelyn, I am a "lurker" too! I don't know how but I have stumbled on your blog before, "lurking" around from blog to blog one night.

Evelyn said...

haha! That's funny!

I guess it is a small world?

Kennie said...


Yes it does - gives you file name and artist name (if it's on your iPod) - great way to pull off files quickly, especially if you want to know what they are (so you don't have to sit there and play each of them individually).

Julie said...

got yo NIN song. You just have to come visit me in the South to get it! mouahahahahahahahahahaha

towniebastard said...

Kennie, thanks for the tip on that software. I was using a program to rip songs off my iPod, but it was pretty clunky. I tried Sentui and it's made my life much easier.

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