Monday, November 12, 2007

A couple of Jens

My sister in-law Jen and I always joke that Nathan married me because he would have one less name to remember. Wherever we go it's like a force of Jens, a force on shopping, on eating good food, but most of all a force for having a good time. We have been having a relaxing time (indoors, because the weather is crap right now) laying around the house and eating good (um I really mean junk) food, but we have also been getting out. Jen came with me to help out at an elders gathering the high school had set up and we had a great time doing it. Although we always have a great time doing whatever really. We have also been to 3 Remembrance Day ceremonies with Nathan and took many photos. As a huge surprise Jen brought her husband Jordan along. We had no idea he was coming until we got to the airport and Jen said "look who I brought!". Nathan has been having a blast taking Jordan out shooting (with the real gun) and then continuing with shooting on the x-box. Boys!

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Aleks said...

"When a couple of Jens who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighbourhood..."