Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Smoooosh Face

OMG do I really look like this every time I take a photo? That would make about 10 million times I have made this face then, I hope I don't get wrinkles from it! That isn't the most plesant profile, but I guess that's why I work behind the camera. One very skilled talent I have learned living north of 60 is how to take a damn good photo with mittens on. Those fingerless gloves don't cut it up here. Check out my HOT down filled purple hand savers. The only thing I can manage is to take the lens cap off with these babies.(Photo courtesy of the other Jen, what is sister for, but for taking funny looking pictures of her sister!)


Aleks said...

You could get a fiber optic tube that would connect your lens to an LCD eyepatch. Then you'd look way better :-p

Julie said...

freak!!! jk! I'm sure all fellow photos make that face, I know I sure do.

now off to the foot Dr. to check out my freak feet..

freaks all around!

Kate Nova said...

I think you look pro! I haven't mastered the mittens thing yet. I deal with bare hands until I can't stand it any longer and then complain a bit. :)

Aida said...

I think Frank deals with bare hands too, he needs to learn taking pics with his mitts. I am however useless in trying to learn doing anything with my mitts on, I need to learn more!

sista j said...

You KNOW I have a thing for smooshie faces! Hey - I think I'm good for other lemony alcoholic goodness, guilt-free chocolate indulgences, frozen statue stances....and the list goes on
love you!