Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Grey Day

The sky is dark and gloomy today, a member of the RCMP lost his life yesterday in the line of Duty here in Nunavut, in a community not far from ours.
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A few members here had the chance to know him in life. My greatest sympathies go out to his family, friends and fellow members.
I will remember you often
You will not be forgotten
Because you lost your life
Fighting for all things right
A voice telling me to cherish
God forbid my husband perish
A job to serve and protect
For this you have my respect
I will remember you often

You will not be forgotten


Kara and Matt said...

It is a tough time. I have been talking to all the members wives here in town to see how they are making out. I saw his picture, and he just looks so young. It is pretty upsetting. I hope you are doing okay.

Clare said...

Was thinking about you today. Hope you are doing okay with the news of Doug's death.

Jen said...

Kara and Clare,
Thank you for your concern. I didn't know Doug personally, but Nathan, as well as another member here worked with him. It really puts life into perspective. I don't think until today I fully respected the dangers Nathan and other members put their lives in everyday. I feel so terrible for his family.