Thursday, September 13, 2007

September Scapes

It looks sunny and warm, but let me assure you it was really cold and my hands were numb by the time I came inside.


Julie said...

awww Tallinn. He's turning into a handsome fluffy boy!

nice photos!

Kara and Matt said...

Okay, you take the best pictures! You said in your last post something about photography school? How about coming over here and giving me some lessons!!

Kate Nova said...

These pictures ARE totally gorgeous, and you're right, it looks way warmer than it probably actually is.

Jen said...

While everyone was going to normal school to get a responsible profession, I took Photography in collage, and while it taught me to take a good photo, I am stuck up here making money on everything but. I have even offered my images to the Nunavut newspapers (free of course), but interests lay in Iqaluit affairs. I am happy to have my online blog so I can share something that makes me happy!


Auntie Julie,
I am not so fluffy anymore because mommy has insisted on brushing me, even though this make me angry!

Jen said...

If I am ever in Kugluktuk (that is definately a possibility with Nathan's job), I would love to give lessons! :)