Saturday, September 08, 2007

Norm Off The Chain

This is what the cat does while Nathan and I are both at work. Raid the fridge and harass the poor dog. Actually this is what he does every time I open the fridge. This time he apparently found the tuna! Norman has decided that he is in charge of the house and lets poor Tallinn know every so often with a small reminder slap. It can come at any time, but I think poor Norman is horrified when he realizes that now the dog thinks he is playing with him.


J Consortium said...

Cute photos! Is Norman a bengal? Jeff keeps saying that our next cat is going to be a bengal. :)


Jen said...

Yes he is a Bengal! Fantastic breed, so adorable and yet amusingly sassy!

Kara and Matt said...

There are breeds of cat? lol
Ours are a real top quality breed- Inbred Hay River Cats! Big, lazy, and not too bright!

indigo said...

Norman is one interesting looking feline. Nice mittens!