Monday, September 17, 2007

Me, A year and Photobooth

It's true I have a little obsession with changing my hair. It's been hard doing it up here, been mostly a box dye process. But I don't think I am vain, rather just documenting and photobooth for mac just makes it so easy! What's next? Short?


Julie said...

do short cause i'm going long! We can be opposite ladies again! lol

join dammit! It's fun! and everyone is sooooooooooo helpful with any questions you have!

Jackie S said...

I left a response to your message on my blog... but I wasn't sure if you would go back and read it or not (I'm more savvy of the Facebook-wall ways then the blogosphere...)
Thank you SO MUCH for offering to help me out with my blog header etc. I have picked a photo... now what?
Thanks a million!!

Kara and Matt said...

Well I think you need a spikey mohawk. Like Spike from Degrassi.

Jen said...

I have actually done a mohawk before, but not to the level of Spike! I don't know my husband would feel about that! lol

Offsite said...

You severely need a hobby. That said, my vote's for the bottom right shot!

J Consortium said...

I like the bottom left best!!


P.S. I have a thing where I completely change my hairstyle every 2 years so you're not along. Although you seem a little more obsessive than me. ;) haha

Kate Nova said...

Bottom right gets my vote, although top right has a certain kind of drama!

Jen said...

Thanks all,
My favourite is bottom left, the vanilla ice mock off.