Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Morning Frosted Flakes

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Julie said...

eeeeek!!! and you want me to come visit you for 2 weeks? lol jk :) it might be cold but at least it's pretty! :) just pretend every day is Christmas and it won't feel so bad...but then NayNay would have to buy you a new gift everyday...Well.. That's not so bad either!

I'm glad so see you have realized I need fresh entertainment everyday and you are keeping up with your blogging. I expect a post again tomorrow!!

ps> photo.net! join!!

pps> I want to buy these..http://www.alienbees.com/busy.html especially since our dollar is 97 cents in the US! Anyways this would set me up awesome, and I could start pokin with fun studio shots. I can set it up in my 'dining room', and when you come visit we can play!