Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In the Name of Science

Do you see all the fun stuff I get to do up here? The adventures?! Well we thought that we would use some of this fun we have been having and put it to good use! Do a little experiment and answer the questions the people have been wanting to know the truth about. Today's question: How many binders (full of paper) can you shoot through? What a question, it's solution will be an interesting one. This is defiantly a topic that everyone secretly desires addressing!

And todays conclusion? You can shoot through 5 binders, yes 5! Binders go boom! MOO HAHAHA


Julie said...

so what you're saying is..I can make a bullet proof vest out of 6 binders full of paper? lol

Kara and Matt said...

hmmmmm is the paper as tasty as caribou?