Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And The Clouds Parted, And There Was Sunlight

The sun made an appearance today, and I was delighted. I was starting to worry about my vitamin D (you can only get so much from milk). I was so happy to see it, I looked it square in the face (normally this would be a bad idea, however I felt this would be a great way to intensify the Vit. D manufacturing in my body). I know I am starting to sound like a weather girl, however I beg you to believe this is not all I obsess about! It was just nice to leave the house with my camera and actually take some nice peaceful pictures. The blood is flowing again, I feel so alive when I can press one little shutter button on a camera (a few million times!). There are only so many things you can take pictures of inside your house (I truly had Camera Cabin Fever)!
And here I am at 2 am, unable to sleep because I am feeling so motivated and excited about the images I took earlier today. I hope you like them.

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The PHB's said...

I think tea will help your problem.

Perhaps I'll mail you a bag of my "special blend" chai spices. If you get a pot of water going on a low boil and drop in a handful, 2 thinks happen:

1) You get exceptionally good tea
2) Your house, as a side effect, gets injected with a Christmas vapor

The tannins and oils have been proven in clinical trials (on myself) to reduce the depressing effects of winter.