Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lesson Learned

Every day the hours of light shorten. It's an extremely confusing thing for my body. I wonder if I am becoming depressed or if I am just lonely. I miss all of my friends, nights out and the amazing social life I left in London. Sometimes my biggest fault is that I don't want to do anything alone and in turn miss out on a lot of cool opportunities. I figured that the hardship of being without all of my friends should be some kind of lesson, so I declared to go out and have a good time on my own. The other night I took out my Crazy Carpet that I purchased from and left the house. I originally purchase two thinking that I would have a partner to share the fun and excitement of hurdling your body down a hill with only a thin piece of plastic between your new fleece lined jeans and the rushing ground beneath you. But alas Nay Nay was working and I ventured out on my own. It's always more fun to have someone share in such an experience, but I had a good time on my own anyways. In the end it was good that I purchased two, not to share with someone else, but to have as a replacement after the first one was ripped apart by rocks. And what lesson have I learned, why would you need another person when you can have more stuff?

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Buddy and Trisha said...

Hey Jen,

Glad to hear your venturing out on your own. I also found my first Arctic Winter hard as the sun disapeared and my hubby was always at work. The best thing I did was buy a SAD lamp. Pricy at first but well worth it. 30 minutes in the morning leaves you feeling energized and just a little better about the day. I would be happy to let you know what kind I have if you are interested.
Keep your chin up and keep having fun. I am thinking of you lonely in Cape Dorset as I am also lonely in Gjoa Haven.
Your friend