Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eyes match your PJs?

The one thing I can't stand about living here is the dryness. Who wants to wake up every morning with all of your mucus filled sensories dried up like last years bag of raisins? The only positive thing about living in a dry climate is that I left my frizz problem in the south! We have a humidifier running 24 hrs in the bedroom, but what can you do when the bits in the machine that are supposed to stay wet to add moisture into the air, dry up? I can't win! I will never complain about the humidity in the south ever again!


J Consortium said...

Awesome blog you have here! We bookmarked it and we will be back. :)

--jeff and jaime

Lindsay Gee said...

yummy crusties... at least they are easier to pick out than the moist goopies...


Indigo Sweetwater said...

Here's what works for us.

As soon as you wake up run the shower full force hot and it will fill up the bathroom and some areas with moisture so at least you can breathe without risking a nosebleed. After I shower I let the shower run again till it fills the tub. The warm water in the tub does keep some moisture in the air throughout the day. Means ya gotta scrub the tub a bit more but keeps your nose and throat from sticking shut at night. We also keep a pot of water slowly boiling on the stove when we are home. Steams up the winters and again provides some relief.

Have fun in London