Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Polar Bears, Fluffy Friend? Or Deadly Foe, But Still Fluffy?

That's right I am against the Polar Bear, but only when it strolls into the main streets of town in the middle of day looking for a tasty snack that could be me! If it's me or him, I'd rather he be shot and made into a carpet! Does that make me a horrible person? You may not understand, but you haven't lived where I have. That's right I live in the arctic and do you know why people don't try to save fluffy from getting shot, because they would rather their children not be the tasty morsel stuck in between Fluffy's teeth!

Good Morning, and our top story this hour is that a land shark, or polar bear was seen sauntering into town. It was shot shortly after, just in front of the local grocery store, and all this before I even got out of bed. Do you know what it's like to feel like you might be causally eaten up whilst visiting the store where you get food to eat? Eat or be eaten? I'm sorry I thought I lived in sensible, proper, you don't have to worry about taking a walk in the middle of the day, Canada. Where the hell do I live again?

Don't get me wrong I love animals and would never mistreat the environment, I am the reuse, reduce, recycle, World Wild Life generation, but I also love my own skin! Rest in Peace Fluffy.


The PHB's said...

I have a little black polar bear following me around the house right now trying to sample the Mesquite almonds you sent me.

It's an interesting question about the polar bears. Some might say such wildlife conservation is a tree-hugging cause. Here's an example where it's rife with capitalism; Churchill, MB.

Back in the day they used to shoot the polar bears that came into town. Now it's such a booming tourist business, they literally cannot afford to do it any more. So they use trqanquilizer darts to put them under, a polar bear jail to detain them, and helicopters to fly them out of town (known in the police community as a `starlight tour').

Now that's eco-capitalism at work. Unfortunatley for fluffy, he's probablly worth more as a carpet in Dorset. Again, eco-capitalism... but with the added attraction of natural selection.

Lindsay Gee said...

Really, are u REALLY scared they will eat u. Isn't it like a wolf or other bear, where you just see it stop, smile, and back away slowly. Or... maybe that's just what i do when I see you..
I love ya

I think you should come home where we have scared the bejesus out of all the animals sooo much .we only see squirls