Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to the arctic

Last night the house shook and the wind howled. When we woke up this morning, our house, including all the windows had been sprayed with snow. It's been a glorious snow storm all day and I have been waiting for this moment. Inside with fluffy slippers on is the way to be, however the dog still prefers to be outside. We let him in every so often to let him defrost, but not long after he wants out again. Does he forget how bad it is outside everytime he comes inside? Who knows.
This snow has been a long time coming. Now the snow mobile population can come to life. I have been looking forward to going out on a snow mobile for a while, the only thing is that I hear the traffic is very noisy.
Nathan and I have spent the day inside in our pajamas, putting a puzzle together (one that he says is impossible, but continues to work on it anyways). The puzzle is of some caribou strolling the arctic tundra.
I finally feel like I live in the arctic

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