Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Puppy Alarm

Last night Nathan and I had a very restless sleep. It was so because Tallinn would whimper a sigh every minute. We just thought that he was too hot sleeping in our room, but finally at 2 am I got up thinking he might just need out. From there it was the oddest thing; he ran to the front door, but then turned around and ran right back into his crate in the bedroom. I called him back and we went through the same thing at least 4 times. He would run into the kitchen and then back into his crate in our room. Now he could have just wanted to stretch his legs, but because he ran into the kitchen, I thought he was thirsty, so I poured some water in his dish. And what did I notice but the oven was on, and had been on since dinner. After I turned it off, he ran straight back into his crate for the rest of the night without so much as a peep! He didn't drink or want out at all, it was the most bazaar thing ever!
Heres to our own personal Lassie ("is there something wrong boy?")

This is a picture of him the first day we got him.

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