Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's like somthin' I've never seen!

It snowed last night, or should I say it powdered last night. I woke up to let the dog out and looked down and was a little put off. What is this? I have seen snow before (a lot of it actually), and this is like powder, it's not sticky or wet, not like what I am used to. I guess because it's soo cold and dry it's just like Jesus was baking and showered us with flour. I tell you though, it was a heck of a lot easier to shovel this fluffy dust then the ten ton pack snow that my dad used to make me shovel off of the driveway in the south!

Meanwhile lets meet my "part time" dog Tallinn. We call him part time because he is so hairy, that he prefers to be outside where it's cold vs. inside where the humans prefer to be because it's warm. And because he is so absolutely gorgeous and incredibly intelligent, he has made his humans build him a palace of his own outside so he can go out when he chooses. He just has to ring his own personal bell first to instruct us monkeys that he would like to be put out. Tallinn is an amazing creature, he much prefers to curl himself into a ball and sleep in the middle of the yard then sleep in the luxury dog house we built him. If any think that it's cruel to leave him in the cold, trust me we have to bribe him to stay inside. He really loves being outside and I am happy we can provide him with a huge yard and cold temperatures that his breed so desires.

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Chris "Flipper" Dear said...


I can say that I hope this winter I am still in Cali so i don't have to move any of that wet/heavy snow that we love to have down in the London area. Jesus flower you say, i hope you two went out and played in the powder. Tallinn sounds like a great pet, we had a huskey once and he (Zorro) was the same, he loved to sleep out in the in snow in the winter....crazy animals.....we too were at his beck-an-call.
Keep up the updates.